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  • Bread is awesome, but it doesn't get you drunk. Nevertheless, I've been baking bread for several years, both sourdough and direct, and amazingly it has been super helpful as I start my career in home brewing, what with the yeast biology and all. If you poke around the internet, you'll find that sourdough gurus are every bit as science-nerdy as home brewers (that's a compliment to both). I live 6 blocks from the Gordon Biersch plant. When I bike past the building on my way to work, I can tell when they're mashing, as the glorious odor of grain wafts past my face. Yum, Grape-Nuts.
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  • Posted in thread: Useing Bentonite at the start on 01-09-2014 at 08:37 PM
    So, this morning I made my first wine ever, from a CellarCraft kit that included grape skins
    (fancy!). And lo, I, too, was surprised by the addition of bentonite at the beginning. While I
    was looking ...

  • Posted in thread: Irish Car Bomb: Your Thoughts? on 04-29-2013 at 04:52 PM
    I love them too but I think they need a new name. It sounds funny to us but I don't think it'd
    be funny to an Irishman.There's a drink called Cement Mixer which is a shooter: Irish cream,
    lime juice, ...

  • Posted in thread: Dog Fish Head - Midas Touch on 04-20-2013 at 06:05 PM
    I hear ya. But at the same time, a few sprigs costs a million berjillion dollars, and El Cheapo
    here wants to see if that expense can be circumvented. :) Personally, I'm not looking to make a
    clone. I...

  • Posted in thread: Can I brew beer with this liquid malt? on 04-20-2013 at 03:05 AM
    So, ya "came across" a big bucket of LME, did ya?It didn't happen to "fall" of the "back" of a
    "truck" did it? (I kid, I kid ...)"Non-diastatic" ... so google/Magic 8-ball returns this link
    ... Malt c...

  • Posted in thread: Dog Fish Head - Midas Touch on 04-19-2013 at 05:39 PM
    I made a 3-gallon batch of this, and it's fermenting at Day 6 right now. A couple of learnings
    so far:1) Didn't want to spring for Alexander's Muscat concentrate, so I looked for a grocery
    stores equi...

  • Posted in thread: Newbies-don't trust the markings on your bucket! on 04-14-2013 at 03:04 AM
    Yeah, there's still a huge variance in the pic.One gallon (128oz by volume) is 133.6 oz by
    weight. Only 4.3% difference from the OP's measurement method.Do you happen to have extremely
    light water? Or...

  • Posted in thread: Newbies-don't trust the markings on your bucket! on 04-14-2013 at 02:55 AM
    Yeah, unfortunately ounces don't follow the same convenient rules for water that metric
    measurements do.In metric, 1mL (volume) of water = 1g (mass) of water (at standard
    temperature/pressure yadda ya...

  • Posted in thread: the TOFU thread on 04-10-2013 at 03:50 PM
    I concur: regular supermarket tofu in the U.S. is the soy equivalent of BMC beer.(And in this
    instance, I actually AM hatin' on BMC. Sue me.)Wanna get really hardcore? Really?I don't think
    you mean it...

  • Posted in thread: All grain mistake on 04-05-2013 at 07:52 PM
    I had a batch of wort get bacteria-infected before boil, as a result of a stupid thing I did
    (I'd mashed and lautered, then left out the wort overnight before boiling, because stupidity).
    It had a sli...

  • Posted in thread: Things a Homebrewer Thinks on 04-04-2013 at 03:49 AM
    "Man, I'd really love to turn the garage/basement/shed into a pub so that I could put up some
    cheeky brewery signs and drag a ratty couch in there and build a 7-tap system with free-flowing
    beer to se...

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