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  • My brewpartner and I are going all grain now, with 2 seperate setups so we can brew 2 batches at once. MORE EQUIPMENT.
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  • Posted in thread: Anyone bet on sports at the free sites that win you money? on 11-05-2009 at 03:58 AM
    Well if your winning percentage is better than my paltry 30 percent, you can turn it in real
    quick, my buddy has been doing it for a while and his balance is 80 bucks. You wont get rich
    off free websi...

  • Posted in thread: Anyone bet on sports at the free sites that win you money? on 11-05-2009 at 03:47 AM
    I started betting on sports at centsports and fastcashbets These sites start you out at 10
    cents on centsports, and 50 cents on fastcashbets, no real money or credit card or anything. If
    you win o...

  • Posted in thread: s-05 vs Notty on 04-15-2009 at 04:24 AM
    Yes, the safe ale is american ale yeast, nottingham is english ale yeast and will have more
    english type esters. Safe ale 05 will be more clean fermentation, and I would suspect would
    ferment a little...

  • Posted in thread: Joe's Ancient Orange Mead on 02-07-2009 at 05:00 AM
    I went ahead and poured off a small tasting of of this mead tonight. I got 2 raisons in the
    glass also! I ate the raisons first, not knowing what to expect as I have not had mead before.
    The raisons t...

  • Posted in thread: Better than Apfelwein... on 02-07-2009 at 04:54 AM
    I made a 3068 apfelwein with slurry yeast. I let it go 8 weeks in primary and kegged it. Im
    drinking it now. It definatly has a different taste than the edwort style. I know im drinking
    it early, I sh...

  • Posted in thread: Joe's Ancient Orange Mead on 02-06-2009 at 04:09 AM
    I havnt racked mine yet, It was made on Dec 15th, and the oranges have already dropped, mead is
    crystal clear.

  • Posted in thread: Brown Porter (AG) (UK/US) on 01-26-2009 at 06:32 AM
    I just brewed recipe per post number 6. At 4 weeks, this is a great tasting beer. It actually
    came out of style for me, I hit 82 percent effiency by accident on it. I got a 1.058 OG on the
    recipe. The...

  • Posted in thread: Can you make your own orange peel from fresh oranges? on 01-11-2009 at 09:06 PM
    I was wondering if I could make my own orange peel by zesting oranges. How do they come up with
    the bitter, and sweet varieties? I would assume they would be fresher if you zested your own.

  • Posted in thread: Glass Carboy vs Better Bottle vs Bucket on 12-26-2008 at 05:26 AM
    I started with a 6.5 carboy and a 5 gallon carboy for secondary both glass. I have a ale pail
    with spigot, and a 5 gallon and 2 3.5 gallon hy vee icing buckets. I like the glass carboys,
    the 6.5 makes...

  • Posted in thread: Joe's Ancient Orange Mead on 12-21-2008 at 03:02 AM
    I made the recipe exactly as posted as my first mead. I let it go a little above the shoulder
    of a 4l jug. I topped up the water after a week to halfway up the neck, man did this thing take
    off. I got...

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