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  • Lake Norman/Charlotte, NC
  • I am an all grain brewer looking to open a small scale brewery and eventually take over the world! Unfortunately I am devoid of funds for such ventures but I am working on that.
  • Horticulture,Makeshift Fabrication,Guitar,Lame attempts at the Banjo,Old VWs,Rock n Roll!
  • Graphic Designer/Sign Fabricator
  • Dan Schiefen
  • Tom Waits, The Misfits, Faith No More, etc. Anything that is not premanufactured, overpolished musi
  • History Channel, National Geo Channel, Breaking Bad, Rescue Me, Adult Swim
  • Abuse You Illusions, Everything You Know is Wrong, Charlie Papazian epics
  • Carolina Brewmasters, Charlotte Beer Club, Loyal Order of Hibernians, MGF
  • My first go round with brewing was with a Mr. Beer kit. I actually made some decent beers with that junker setup. Eventually I started making hard ciders and then got back into brewing beer. I started putting together equipment and have a pretty nice setup now: two 15 gallon boiler kegs, 2 propane burners, 50 qt mash tun cooler, plate chiller, 6 carboys, several buckets, kegging system and an extensive bottle collection. There are 3 different types of hops growing in my back yard in addition to all that for late summer pale ale production! I have also built 3 stills for making whiskey.
  • Mead! Fruit Beer/Wine experiments with homegrown fruits and hops. Also, I have a culture of yeast from a bottle of Gulden Draak that I am going to play with.
  • Belgian Dubbel, Bohemian Pils, "American Vienna Blonde"
  • No secondaries at the moment
  • Kolsch, Altbier, Amber, Hefeweizen, Belgian Wit, American Pale(Summit Hops), Doppelbock, ESB
  • Kolsch
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