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  • University of Utah alum and looking to break out of this state in the near future.
  • Brewing,B-ball,Guitar,Snowboarding
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  • Real time with Bill Maher, Daily Show, Conan, Mythbusters, Sports etc.
  • Diagnosed with Celiac disease in 2008, and that lit a fire under me to brew my own beer, but it turned out to not be the easiest thing, so I took a hiatus. Fast forward to 2012, and I'm looking to get back in the GF brewing game, because I'm sick of the same old ****ty swill being passed as GF beer. (With the exception of "The Glutenator" made by Epic brewing here in SLC. Wow that stuff is good!)
  • Another GF belgian
    An EPIC Glutenator clone
    Some Ginger-Apple hard cider
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  • Posted in thread: Why GF? on 03-25-2011 at 07:22 PM
    I've been really curious lately. With only 0.5% - 1% of people out there having Celiac disease,
    what is everyone else's non-medical reason for not using grains such as barley, wheat, etc?Why
    not? But ...

  • Posted in thread: What does a good primary fermenter smell like? on 12-03-2008 at 04:45 AM
    If you inhale a lot of CO2 at once, it will sting the nostrils, and there is alcohol in it, so
    I'm sure it's just fine.

  • Posted in thread: Swmbo? on 12-02-2008 at 11:05 PM
    This isn't the Saggy Wobbling Man Boobs Organization??

  • Posted in thread: Washer drops in the Wort.....Should I dump? on 10-27-2008 at 11:19 PM
    I once dropped "the Joy of HomeBrewing" in the beer just prior to bottling. It was under one
    edge of the carboy to angle it and I forgot about it when I moved the carboy after transfer.
    Plop, into the...

  • Posted in thread: Free Bottle Opener from Beck's on 10-27-2008 at 11:13 PM
    WOO! I am an official member boys.. It's nice to finally belong.. But seriously I got the flat
    metal one, and the SWMBO already stole it. .:drunk: Figures..

  • Posted in thread: Success Boys! Zima kicks the bucket! on 10-21-2008 at 10:18 PM
    I saw Bud with Clamato on the shelves yesterday. That is soooo wrong. I have never tried this,
    never want to, but I am hoping this is the next one to go. I saw a billboard for it on the
    freeway and I ...

  • Posted in thread: SLC brewpubs? on 10-17-2008 at 03:45 AM
    The Bayou is a good chill place, I believe they have microbrews there as well as a big
    selection of international beers

  • Posted in thread: green mossy stuff ruined my beer on 10-14-2008 at 03:50 AM
    Also, did you use a bottling bucket?? Or just siphon out of the fermenter because that can make
    a big difference

  • Posted in thread: green mossy stuff ruined my beer on 10-14-2008 at 03:48 AM
    MisterBensin: Did you toss it?? I hope not.. That looks like hops fo sho. . Come over to the
    gluten free brewers group, maybe somebody over there could help you get a better product. Link
    in my sig. .

  • Posted in thread: My new portable Keg system on 10-09-2008 at 12:52 AM
    I'd love something like this in nitro since most of our homebrew is nitro'd. Anyone ever tried
    to refill one of those paintball catridges with beer gas? Paintball actually uses N2 tanks
    too.. Check it...

In the brew closet (all gluten free): Primary: Nada Drinking: EPIC brewing's "The Glutenator" Aging: Nada Planning: Another GF Belgian, an EPIC Glutenator clone, a Ginger-Apple hard cider Please join the Gluten Free Brewers Group Everyone is welcome! Quote: Originally Posted by BarleyWater View Post Printenction is the key to being protectef onm you, Maybve if you are are ful you wont; throw up like oth er someone did. I thonk you need another beer possibljy/