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  • Started extract brewing back in the early 90's, from a startup kit at a LHBS. Been wanting to go AG for years, and finally jumped in with both feet in April 2009. Bought a 10 gal. boil kettle and converted a 10 gal. Igloo orange cooler with a false bottom for my mash tun. Been brewing an AG brew every month, and loving the new results. Recently upgraded again to a brewstand and 10-gal batches!
  • Lagers.. been doing ales for a decade or two.. time to give lagers some love..
  • Australian IPA ... Galaxy hops mate!
  • Desert Blossom Mead
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  • Posted in thread: No Hop Brewing on 01-17-2017 at 08:26 AM
    Shanidze,I'm only familiar with Yarrow directly, although Mugwort is from the same family as
    Greater Wormwood, albeit not as bitter. Experimentation is the best way to go.. maybe even
    making some teas...

  • Posted in thread: How to measure honey? on 08-16-2016 at 04:04 AM
    Yes, most folks measure honey by weight. Different batches of honey will have more or less
    sugars than other batches, but the variability is relatively small if you are only adding a
    little bit for fl...

  • Posted in thread: What recipe for split batch to try different yeasts? on 05-12-2016 at 06:41 AM
    I like the idea of splitting the wheat beer recipe into 2 batches... However, I would replace
    the honey malt with something less strong .. maybe a Crystal 10L or 15L... just my taste. (and
    add 1# rice...

  • Posted in thread: Recipe Challenge - Baked Goods on 04-24-2016 at 07:05 AM
    .. and give a small amount of Biscuit Malt a try... adds a nice bready/cookie

  • Posted in thread: Hibiscus IPA on 04-05-2016 at 09:22 AM
    updated recipe based on suggestions and I really like the idea of the saison instead of IPA and
    how that will really showcase the recipe. Is 3 oz of hibiscus appropriate or too
    much/little?I've used d...

  • Posted in thread: Bog Myrtle instead of Hops on 02-24-2016 at 09:09 PM
    I have done both boil only, and boil and post active fermentation together. You can get some
    super strong herbal character with both.. so I would recommend boil only for your first try..
    unless you kn...

  • Posted in thread: Simple Honey Pale Ale - Recipe Critique on 01-22-2016 at 08:10 PM
    No need to pasteurize the honey.. it's low moisture content means nothing for stray microbes to
    live on.. plus after active fermentation, the ale yeast and alcohol level will keep any strays
    at bay!

  • Posted in thread: Ss Brewtech’s Biggest Baddest Holiday Giveaway Ever! on 12-01-2015 at 06:08 AM
    Yes me! me! me!--LexusChris

  • Posted in thread: Gruit recipe on 06-04-2015 at 09:56 AM
    Hey all, Just an update for gruit fans out there. My Belgian inspired gruit came out with a
    little too much going on. I got bold with some new herbs, and also picked up some secondary
    fermentation pos...

  • Posted in thread: Summer recipe challenge on 05-15-2015 at 07:37 AM
    I like bobbrews recipe above! :mug:Remember to use rice-hulls when mashing so much wheat to
    avoid stuck mash/lauter. Also, mash low (148F - 150F) to keep it very fermentable! With WLP001
    or US-05, you...

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