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05-10-2009 2:29 AM


  • Melb, AUS
  • Live in Australia, been brewing about 6 months. Hate bottling, so I keg
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  • Posted in thread: 90 Minute Boil, the new 60 minute boil? on 05-10-2009 at 02:07 AM
    I completely admire The Pol, for putting the No Chill method "Through the ringer". I live in
    Melbourne, where we are experiencing the worst drought in about 110 years. Our water levels are
    at 27.5% ca...

  • Posted in thread: Nierra Sevada (Session SNPA Clone) on 04-29-2009 at 04:23 PM
    Great. Thanks for the vote of confidence. :) this is a bit off topic, but did i go horribly bad
    on my efficiency, considering the higher og you got with less malt? Would like to work this out
    then giv...

  • Posted in thread: Nierra Sevada (Session SNPA Clone) on 04-29-2009 at 04:37 AM
    Hey there, long time lurker, new to posting! :)Just wondering, I gave this a shot a few days
    ago, probably my third AG. Just wondering if you can help me out here?I brewed up a 5 gallon
    batch, I used8...

  • Posted in thread: Wort chiller water wastage on 06-06-2007 at 12:34 PM
    hey there, it was indeed me who does the no-chill. And yeah, its a great invention. There are
    deffinatley no side effects, so its a great way of cooling your beer, and warming the planet!
    one 5g batch...

  • Posted in thread: Making an "ALL" home brew? on 05-30-2007 at 01:01 PM
    A little known fact about the yeast cultivation and "spontaneous air borne yeast" is... well
    actually, breweries did not have their beer ferment from air borne yeasts. In fact, the
    breweries had woode...

  • Posted in thread: lots'o honey hefe on 05-30-2007 at 11:04 AM
    first of all, 2 row has enough enzymes in it to convert itself and probably its own weight
    again in somthing without enzymes, its not un-common to get 70% wheat 30% 6-row hefes.
    Secondly, to be plainl...

  • Posted in thread: Wild Hops on 05-30-2007 at 10:56 AM
    sounds fantastic. My best mates dad has hops growing in his back yard from when he home brewed,
    he forgot what variety they are, so we call the beer we make with em "secretivale"
    (See-crit-e-vale)I sa...

  • Posted in thread: Poolside Beer on 05-30-2007 at 10:53 AM
    no, he is not talking about the temperature of the beer, NEVER have a "frosty" glass...
    chilled, yes... frosty no! its like putting ice cubes in your beer, I almost killed my SWMBO
    when she put ice cu...

  • Posted in thread: Confession time on 05-27-2007 at 12:54 AM
    Half the reason I use a hydrometer is to taste the took the words right out of my
    mouth :):mug:

  • Posted in thread: Blue Balls Belgian Wit (Blue Moon Clone) on 05-23-2007 at 04:58 AM
    well, I have 5 gallons of this baby bubbling away in the cellar as we speak. Cannot wait to try
    this baby out. It smells bloody fantastic and I cannot wait for it!:mug:

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