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  • Consecration kit from MoreBeer
    I'm not 100% sure about this, but from what I remember Vinnie uses RP-15 (Rockpile wine yeast).
    5 gallons, I would recommend using 8g of yeast. Make sure to re-hydrate the yeast first to get
    them as ...

  • Brew Bucket by SS Brewing Technologies
    Hey All,Great thread on these SS Buckets! Just wanted to make a quick mention that we do have
    these in stock, and they'll be in both of our warehouses soon enough. They are selling pretty
    quickly, and...

  • Filter or not filter
    I use a plate filter on certain batches. When I'm bringing beer to a party, entering in a
    competition or giving away as gifts I'll generally take the time to filter (depending on
    style). For friends a...

  • Home Security
    I've never thought about installing security for my equipment, but have had a wort chiller
    ripped off before :mad:It was me being stupid though - brewed in my garage and cleaned things
    out in my drive...

  • Consecration kit from MoreBeer
    Sometimes (particularly with the extract batches) the bugs won't have enough food after the
    Belgian yeast and Brett gets to it. As the pH level drops in the beer and the bugs start to
    become the only ...

  • 5l mini kegs
    Not quite the same, but we just got these back in stock: seal tight so you can bottle
    condition or just fill like a normal growler without it losing carbonation (I recommend
    counter-pressure filling ...

  • beer
    I, too, love beer. I just wish it loved me back...

  • Starsan in wort
    I've never had an issue with StarSan or the bubbles, and tend to use just a little more than
    the recommended amount. I have a feeling if you dump 32oz into 5 gallons you may get some bad
    side effects,...

  • Morebeer Pliny The Elder Instructions Confusion
    Hey All,Just wanted to quickly clear up the hops schedule on this recipe. For the steeping /
    mash hops, you'll want to just add those with the steeping grains or mash for that period of
    time. You don'...

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