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  • Posted in thread: What is the one piece of add-on equipment you couldn't live without on 03-07-2013 at 03:10 AM
    Fermentation temperature control (freezer + Johnson A419).

  • Posted in thread: Austin Home Brew Thoughts on 03-07-2013 at 12:24 AM
    +1 for AHS.

  • Posted in thread: Spent hops can kill your dog...but what about stray cats? on 03-06-2013 at 01:14 PM
    I think it's the same kind of thing as why MSG turned in to a forbidden flavor enhancer... a
    few people had isolated cases of reactions, so it turned in to standard practice to avoid it...
    although th...

  • Posted in thread: Home brewing in Japan on 03-03-2013 at 08:35 AM
    I've been wanting to try BIAB but I can't find the right kind of net to use as a bag... any
    suggestions? I tried Sarashi cloth but it clogged up very fast, preventing water from seeping
    through.I boug...

  • Posted in thread: Home brewing in Japan on 03-03-2013 at 08:29 AM
    On another note, I will be moving to Higashi Kanagawa station at the end of this month and the
    place I will be living in is really small. I suppose I can still find place for fermenting and
    stuff, but...

  • Posted in thread: Super Agata Bench Capper on 02-14-2013 at 02:28 AM
    Nice! New?I bought a Super Agata and hated it until I realized that the bell was screwed on at
    a weird angle, which is why it couldn't cap bottles properly. After screwing it on properly,
    it's much ea...

  • Posted in thread: What's the most expensive beer you've seen or drank? on 02-14-2013 at 01:19 AM
    I came in to post a bottle of Westvleteren 8 that I bought for 2,200 (~US $23.50) but then
    remembered that my friends gave me a bottle of Utopias a few years ago. So Utopias!

  • Posted in thread: City/Apartment dwellers...where do you brew? on 02-04-2013 at 12:01 AM
    I do 14.5 liter (3.8 gallon) AG BIAB batches on my stove. It does take a while to get it to a
    boil, but once there, it is very vigorous. I can almost hit two burners with the pot I have
    now, so I imag...

  • Posted in thread: Argggg! Over carbonated AGAIN! on 01-30-2013 at 04:14 AM
    My over carbonation problems ended when I started to rack the beer from the primary to a
    "bottling bucket," aka my brewpot. Off the trub, I can more accurately measure how much beer I
    will actually be...

  • Posted in thread: Brew-Age, web tv series on homebrewing culture in SF Bay Area on 01-29-2013 at 11:11 AM
    Just watched the second video. Hah, a guy I went to school with kindergarten through high
    school made quite the appearance (the guy in the lab coat).

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