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  • The Great HBT Stogie Thread
    Anyone tried I just bought several to try. They are local so I thought I would try them out.
    A buddy told me they are the best $5 stick he has ever had. Well worth 3x the price. Who can
    argue with t...

  • The Great HBT Stogie Thread
    Had my first Jericho Hill tonight right out of the store. Was quite nice but started with a
    very noticeable 'perfumey' sandalwood start with a smooth, earthy base. Anyone else notice this
    or was my ol...

  • Are You an Airlock Sniffer?
    Official member of the "Airlock sniffers club!"CheersJay

  • Jaybird's Stainless False Bottoms
    Well I used my FB for the first time this weekend. I loved the flow of it, no more worries
    about a suck sparge. My only issue was since this sits further off the bottom that my manifold
    I think I am g...

  • The Great HBT Stogie Thread
    I'd like a 5er but if no takers a split will do just as well.How big is a box? How much does a
    box cost? Ill take 5 too.. Or a 3rd? of a box CheersJay

  • The Great HBT Stogie Thread
    I'm a little underwhelmed. Ive heard everything from average to over the top reviews. It's a
    well constructed COH, grassy, leathery, nutty, coffee bean and white pepper. The white pepper
    dominates the...

  • The Great HBT Stogie Thread
    Tonight's pick. 230600Sent from my iPhone using Home BrewWOW nice choice! How is it?CheersJay

  • The Great HBT Stogie Thread
    What the heck did you brew Jay?2 BBL of Smoked wort for a local start up. A buddy of mine here
    locally needed me to mash the grain for him. He got his boil kettle and his conical but his HLT
    and MLT d...

  • The Great HBT Stogie Thread
    How full do you fill your MLT????Had my son helping. He was the "Official Wort Tester"
    Lastly.... Buckets of spent grain heading to local chicken farmer.....CheersJay

  • The Great HBT Stogie Thread
    Late night brew session. 10 hours, 250# of grain, 2 mash tuns, 1 HLT, 3 cigars and 7 beers!
    Whoo hooo! CheersJay

Need a False Bottom for your Keg, Kettle or Cooler? I have been making custom False Bottoms for just about everything since 2008 Nor Cal Brewing Solutions, Reddings local homebrew store (530)243-BEER and (530)221-WINE Still have questions PM me here or hit the website. and like us on Facebook Facebook only promos too Smoke Cigars?
June 13, 2010  •  01:14 PM
Hey man,

I grew up in Redding (went to Enterprise High). I wish you the best with your business.

June 14, 2010  •  03:02 PM

Thanks man.... What year did you go to EHS?

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