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  • The Great HBT Stogie Thread
    I guess its supposed to get into the 40's here today so I am watching the thermometer so I can
    get out and enjoy another stick. Here's to hoping.Ohh man.... It should be a good solid 70 here
    today. I ...

  • I didn't really need a new conical ....
    Check out McMaster Carr for the gasket. They have em and they are reasonable. Just measure the
    ID and the OD of what you want and I'm willing to bet they have it.Nice score!CheersJay

  • The Great HBT Stogie Thread
    Looking good Hooligan..CheersJay

  • FREE Jaybird Level 3 Stand - You pickup or pay shipping!
    Thank you. The 1/4" off the new stand makes everything work perfectly.-MikeCool Mike! Glad it
    worked out man! CheersJay

  • How do I repitch bottles?
    I don't think we're talking at the same issues. Attenuation is more complicated than what
    you've outlined.Champange yeast can only (to my knowledge) ferment simple sugars(sucrose,
    glucose, fructose, e...

  • How do I repitch bottles?
    I think it's just what I had around. You're not at 18%, so any wine yeast will work. Some ale
    yeasts will work, too. How does the size of the beer (you mean alcohol content?) effect how
    much priming s...

  • FREE Jaybird Level 3 Stand - You pickup or pay shipping!
    @Jaybird hooked me up with a new Level 3 stand to fix an issue I had. Since he passed on that
    generosity to me, I am going to be generous and give away the original Level 3 stand. There is
    nothing wro...

  • BEER KITS BELOW COST.....But I need your help!
    Yes, this thing took off like a beast and then slowed down and stalled. It was probably 64
    degrees. Yes I've rock and rolled it. I pitched another pack of yeast and moved it to a 71
    degree ferm chambe...

  • False bottom question - mechanics of -
    Think "siphon" If you have a tube leaving the kettle attached LONGER than the tube inside,
    siphon occurs and you drain the kettle.CheersJay

  • Hello from the Pacific Northwest
    Welcome from Redding CA..CheersJay

Need a False Bottom for your Keg, Kettle or Cooler? I have been making custom False Bottoms for just about everything since 2008 Nor Cal Brewing Solutions, Reddings local homebrew store (530)243-BEER and (530)221-WINE Still have questions PM me here or hit the website. and like us on Facebook Facebook only promos too Smoke Cigars? *Member: The HBT Sweaty Fat Guy Cigar Club
June 13, 2010  •  06:14 PM
Hey man,

I grew up in Redding (went to Enterprise High). I wish you the best with your business.

June 14, 2010  •  08:02 PM

Thanks man.... What year did you go to EHS?