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  • The Great HBT Stogie Thread
    Third of the night..Is that excessive? LOLCheersJay

  • Streamlining the brew day
    I have read HBT posts from all grain brewers who say they finish batches in under 4 hours. I
    have been brewing all-grain a long time on a variety of different setups and the one thing
    those experience...

  • The Great HBT Stogie Thread
    Hey JayYou know a dude named Robbie J. from Redding? I know it's a big town but I thought I'd
    ask. You'd remember him if you've met him. Old friend of mine from back in college.Cant say
    that I do HD.....

  • The Great HBT Stogie Thread
    Jay, nice Brew and A! Your brew rig is amazing and something to aspire to. Cheers!Thanks
    brotha'... It was a fun interview with Keith and to celebrate, tonight I am going to enjoy a
    very special gift....

  • The Big Box of Yum
    What a great thread! This is 1 of the reasons I absolutely LOVE this community! Shoot me a PM I
    would love to play too.CheersJay

  • Terrible idea or lazy genius?
    Love your profile pic. Popcorn would have been awesome to have known. Too bad about him.Took
    the words right out of my mouth. CheersJay

  • Show us your sculpture or brew rig
    How many of you guys with propane setups brew in your garage? My driveway is not level so I
    can't brew out there. Was wondering about brewing at the edge of the garage with the door up.I
    have for year...

  • Anyone used rain water for brewing?
    [ame][/ame]This guy does it with pond water. But in
    all seriousness if you really want to use rain water and want to make GREAT beer I would have
    the water t...

  • The Great HBT Stogie Thread
    That's funny. I didn't see you were mid padron.Great minds brother! It was a great stick! Over
    half was solid ash! I have never had a Cigar do this.. Exciting stuff!CheersJay

  • The Great HBT Stogie Thread
    I have a little pull at this place but NOT that much. They are simply pricing it on size and
    band. Although I will say I've had many worse $10+ sticks. It reminds me of the Padron blends
    without the d...

Need a False Bottom for your Keg, Kettle or Cooler? I have been making custom False Bottoms for just about everything since 2008 Nor Cal Brewing Solutions, Reddings local homebrew store (530)243-BEER and (530)221-WINE Still have questions PM me here or hit the website. and like us on Facebook Facebook only promos too
June 13, 2010  •  01:14 PM
Hey man,

I grew up in Redding (went to Enterprise High). I wish you the best with your business.

June 14, 2010  •  03:02 PM

Thanks man.... What year did you go to EHS?

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