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  • Always been curious and interested in brewing and then suddenly my wife buys me a whole Extract setup... For 4 years I've been making extract beers with partial mashes, and getting more serious about brewing better and different beers. A year ago I moved into AG and love being able to control the whole process.
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  • Posted in thread: Could you tell me the best recipe of Witbier on 07-28-2016 at 01:12 PM
    Witbiers are characterized by the use of at least 50% wheat, with the main charge coming from
    (raw) Flaked Wheat. It all depends how close you want to get to traditional.Version 2 is
    probably the clos...

  • Posted in thread: Using Rice Hulls To Prevent A Stuck Mash on 07-27-2016 at 04:43 PM
    As long as your mash/sparge pH isn't higher than 5.6, the risk of leaching tannins is very
    small.Rice hulls. You may not need them. I mill very finely, 0.026"/0.032" gap, and never have
    a stuck mash u...

  • Posted in thread: Advice on buying a grain mill on 07-27-2016 at 04:32 PM
    Look in your area for local group grain buys. Some breweries will sell grain too.We pay around
    $42 for domestic 2-row in our group buy. $87 is really gouging it in that light.

  • Posted in thread: This contraption isn't working on 07-27-2016 at 10:42 AM
    Never mind... I am trying to fix a problem that is inherit to the type of equipment I am using
    ... The iidea was good as I can hear CO2 flowing into the bag through the airlock which means
    It is not e...

  • Posted in thread: This contraption isn't working on 07-26-2016 at 09:10 PM
    Not really. In the bag there is a very active s-type airlock.Maybe the bag has a big hole in it
    and here I am, scratching my head over why it does not inflate.Btw, I am on my third bag, each
    time I fi...

  • Posted in thread: Spike Brewing Kettle Giveaway on 07-26-2016 at 07:16 PM
    Alright then, I'm in!

  • Posted in thread: First brew - Bit sour and chemical taste on 07-26-2016 at 07:13 PM
    It's been a REALLY long time since I tried one after just a few days in the bottle, but I don't
    remember it tasting sour. Does anybody know if there is a correlation there?Yup, it shouldn't
    taste sour...

  • Posted in thread: This contraption isn't working on 07-26-2016 at 07:07 PM
    Odds are the lid isn't sealing well enough. The itty bit of restriction from the bag is
    probably enough to let the CO2 escape the easier way, through the rim/lid seal.How come that
    bag is slightly inf...

  • Posted in thread: 6+ month month old yeast on 07-26-2016 at 06:35 PM
    Using liquid yeast, you should always make a starter!1. It proves viability2. It grows more
    cells3. You can ranch some of the starter to make a new one for your next batchIf you don't
    see/read any act...

  • Posted in thread: First brew - Bit sour and chemical taste on 07-26-2016 at 04:00 PM
    Next time try to control the ferm temps toward the lower range for the yeast. It will make
    better beer.

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