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  • Myersville, MD
  • Bonnie (Honey) and Elliott are the owners of Happy Canyon Heritage Farm in Myersville, MD. The farm has been in existance since before 1800. The bank barn was build in 1810 and the existing mountain home was built in 1860. The foundation of the original home, behind the updated 1860 house, still stands as a tribute to the early Appalachian settlers. It was named Happy Canyon in 1940 when it was used as a horse ranch.

    The farm has been in Elliott's family since 1950, but his family resided in this Appalachian area since before the Civil War. Elliott grew up on this beautiful mountain farm.

    Today the farm is being restored to it's original grandeur, growing organic vegetables, restoring heritage breeds of chickens and this year we will begin preparing our first organic hops field. Exciting, oh, YES!

    The Appalachian Trail crosses the upper ridge of the farms acreage and the bunkhouse is being renovated to provide hikers a welcome respite and an affordable place to stay.
  • Farm life, growning organics,livestock including chickens,horses,alpaca and a few sheep.
  • What ever the farm needs!
  • Elliott and Dunkin
  • Old time country and blue grass, what else is there?
  • What ever is free and on TV.
  • Who watches TV?
  • Sappy, classic romance novels by the likes of Hardy, Dickensen, oh and poetry. Ah huh!
  • Slow Foods, Heritage Chicken Federation
  • We are just beginning, with the hope that someday we will be able to produce our own Happy Canyon Ale and Lager. Elliott's the beer expert and it will be his job to create the recipes that best reflect the hops we grow and the character of the farm. Help and suggestions are always welcome!
  • We will be preparing a 1 acre Hop field this upcoming new year. Plans are to determine the best location on the farm, to prep the field and lay in the infrastructure this year then plant the following year with first harvesting by 2010. We will be experimenting with different hops species this year with small sample plantings. Would love to hear of your successes and failures if you are growing your own hops and your favorite recipes.
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  • Posted in thread: Clearance ice cream machines... on 10-01-2008 at 04:17 PM
    I'm heading out now to get one of those ice cream makers. I've been wanting one for awhile,
    even put it on my christmas list. Don't want it for making beer, want it to make Ice cream.
    Gee, thanks.:D

  • Posted in thread: winter watering on 09-30-2008 at 08:16 PM
    Just a word about using poop to fertilize.....its a great idea but remember grazing animals
    ie., sheep, alpaca, horses, goats (Never mind goats, grass is the last thing they eat, prefer
    my trees, bark...

  • Posted in thread: So first Year Hop Growers - how'd it turn out ? on 09-30-2008 at 03:10 PM
    Love the pics, what did you do about drying?

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Logic 101 Hops and Barley are Grains... Grains are healthy foods.... Beer is made from Grains... therefore.....beer is healthy food!

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