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  • Posted in thread: BIAB Brewing (with pics) on 07-16-2014 at 12:03 AM
    That is the same as my equipment for BIAB 5 gal batches. I use make-up water and dunk sparges.
    I try to make up the volume with the water from the sparges and usually do not hit it exactly,
    so a littl...

  • Posted in thread: Starsan as a general purpose sanitizer? on 07-15-2014 at 10:41 AM
    Starsan IS a general purpose sanitizer for food surfaces. See their material use sheet. So you
    are good to go.I simply prefer quarternary ammonium compounds, the type of stuff in Dow
    bathroom cleaner ...

  • Posted in thread: Can I condition in growlers with screw on lids? on 07-15-2014 at 10:31 AM
    You keg your beer, so growlers filled from the keg are a nice gift. They are intended for
    transporting beer, not carbonating the brew.

  • Posted in thread: aluminum kettle question on 07-06-2014 at 12:16 PM
    The kettles should be cleaned first with soap and water, using plastic scrubbies, and rinsed
    very well.Although Flars did not mention why, the aluminum sometimes has remnants of lubricants
    used in dee...

  • Posted in thread: Fireworks filmed with a drone on 07-05-2014 at 02:41 AM
    Wonderful! Very dramatic with the secondaries flying past the camera. Did anyone on the ground
    notice the drone in the bright lights?

  • Posted in thread: Coriander flavor vanished - ? on 07-05-2014 at 02:34 AM
    Why did no coriander flavor come through?They were was very fragrant coriander seeds. I tried a
    summer wheat recipe with 70% barley, 30% wheat, and 1 oz of ground coriander boiled 10 minutes.
    I though...

  • Posted in thread: What's up with all the big beers? on 06-27-2014 at 11:16 AM
    This is a competition and our "wieners" are bigger!!! jk:ban:That seems about right. Although i
    think part of it is the challenge to make a high ABV beer. And pretentious? Yeah, definitely.
    Unless you...

  • Posted in thread: All grain without a HLT on 06-27-2014 at 12:51 AM
    Geeze, people make stuff so complex. More equipment! more cost! Heck with that. Make it
    simpleUse your brew kettle or anything to heat the water.Use an online calculator to determine
    the temperature o...

  • Posted in thread: Triticale wheat malt experiment on 06-25-2014 at 02:20 AM
    Yar, the triticale was from Valley Malt.It is now carbonating in bottles. Taste notes:[*]A
    light golden blonde, a pretty color. [*]Very clean with the Safale-05.[*]It does have a hint of
    honey. Maybe ...

  • Posted in thread: Moving to All Grain Water questions. on 06-25-2014 at 01:58 AM
    My main goal at this point is to remove the blatantly bad things (ie chlorine)Then you are good
    to go. no worries.Here is the best thing you can do for improving your AG took notes from day
    one, the ...

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