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  • Posted in thread: How many times do you reuse your bottles? on 01-17-2015 at 03:39 PM
    Is there a reliable way to determine when they will break? No. :(^^^ this!I had some bottles of
    stout blow up on me. It's enough to put the fear of God in you when you start handling the
    other bottles...

  • Posted in thread: How many times do you reuse your bottles? on 01-17-2015 at 12:09 AM
    Hope the above helps, and sorry it's so long. Feel free to ask questions.Brew on :mug:That was
    extremely enlightening, and I read it all with care. To be honest, I wasn't planning on berry
    punching yo...

  • Posted in thread: How many times do you reuse your bottles? on 01-16-2015 at 04:17 AM
    My degree is in materials science. Glass does not fatigue or wear out with use. Bottle failures
    are due to defects or scratches. If you are worried about your bottles, inspect them for
    manufacturing d...

  • Posted in thread: How many times do you reuse your bottles? on 01-15-2015 at 04:19 AM
    I don't even consider it. I'm not heat cycling them so why would they weaken?Pressure cycling.
    It gradually weakens the bottles over time. It is a normal fatigue problem. I notice it as
    small crevices...

  • Posted in thread: What is your most useless piece of brewing equipment? on 01-14-2015 at 12:03 AM
    The new o-rings I got for the 5 pin-lock kegs I acquired. Only a waste as my SWMBO promptly
    gave all 5 kegs away (and a 20# CO2 tank) when we moved and I wasn't around to say no.I thought
    something wa...

  • Posted in thread: Why is my final gravity low. on 01-13-2015 at 04:23 PM
    Now don't go thinking this is the God's honest truth, but I have a theory about this, since I
    have had a similar thing happen to me. Granted, I'm all grain so a low mash temperature might
    be able to d...

  • Posted in thread: Boiling Wort: Looking for an answer based on science on 01-13-2015 at 04:09 PM
    I see no one has mentioned it, but the boil drives off DMS precursors. It's true that there are
    beers that are "no boil", though I'm not sure "no boil" is a modern standard practice. Some
    people are r...

  • Posted in thread: Jim Koch is not happy on 01-06-2015 at 09:35 PM
    BBC had a good run, but they're no longer the center of the craft beer universe. Well...maybe
    they still ARE, but their star is dying right now.Maybe the market will change back in time.I
    used to work...

  • Posted in thread: A Bottle Goes Dark on 01-06-2015 at 09:27 PM
    MarkKF's feelings are also my own. Scary! There is only one thing to do... TRY IT! :)

  • Posted in thread: Cold Press Coffee on 01-06-2015 at 09:19 PM
    Interesting: I'm making a gruit tomorrow and I will be adding coffee at high krausen.I was
    thinking of only adding two cups cold pressed dark roast: It's going to be a pale beer with the
    exception of ...

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May 21, 2013  •  09:18 PM
Do you happen to be from Michigan? Perhaps Lake Orion? I once had a patient named Don Sorenson years ago, who brewed beer. At one time he brought me in one of his beers called Sorenson's Swill. Just checking to see if it was you.....if not, sorry about that!
June 11, 2013  •  01:58 AM
@Hoppopotomus actually my first name is Dan and I'm from Connecticut, but all Sorensons like name recognition!