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  • I'm new to brewing. Currently brewing extract with a a few batches under my belt. Hoping to go partial mash soon. I am also brewing mead.
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  • Hard to believe but metal. Country is a lifestyle as well as a genre of music.
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  • I just recently got into brewing. Have brewed a pumpkin ale, a high gravity Belgian ale, and a Scottish ale. I am gathering honey now to brew some mead soon. I am running a basic setup with a few upgrades. Glass carboys with secondary fermenters.
  • Mead, and other higher gravity beer recipes.
  • 6 degree Belgian ale
  • Mead
  • Brothers Keeper IPA
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  • Posted in thread: Unexpected, but gives me an idea! on 11-28-2012 at 02:01 PM
    bleargh!I have yet to find anything, other than "Turkish Delight", that is flavoured with
    flowers/petals etc that I likeI just have too many bad memories from growing up and having to
    occasionally eat...

  • Posted in thread: What do I do now? Plz help! on 11-25-2012 at 01:42 AM
    Thank you all for the info. My mead has come down to 1.040, color is similar to lemonade, still
    slightly cloudy. When I pitched yeast I pitched the whole tube of White labs sweet mead
    yeast(WL700) and...

  • Posted in thread: What do I do now? Plz help! on 11-20-2012 at 09:10 AM
    Ok, first off thank you for looking at this. I have a batch of mead that has been fermenting
    for 3 weeks now. Still bubbling smoothly. I did some research before I began but obviously not
    enough. I do...

  • Posted in thread: How much honey? on 11-08-2012 at 07:13 PM
    Thank you everyone for the advice and info. This is how it turned out. 15lbs of honey,
    nutrients, and plenty of oxygen due to the cordless drill paint stirrer attachment I picked up.
    It has been doing...

  • Posted in thread: How lmuch light is to much? on 10-31-2012 at 10:17 PM
    I've never heard that light kills yeast. I'm 99.9% sure that's not true. Try as you might, I
    don't think you can "kill the resins" with light either.The only issue with light and beer is
    blue, green, ...

  • Posted in thread: How much honey? on 10-31-2012 at 10:06 PM
    thank you that is also very helpful. How much water would you boil then? I only have a 5 gal
    carboy available for mead as my other 6 gal ones are currently fermenting beer. Would 4 gal of
    water and 15...

  • Posted in thread: How lmuch light is to much? on 10-31-2012 at 01:15 PM
    I have one of mine covered with a beach towel with a slit in it for the neck, and the other
    wrapped with a dark colored t-shirt I cut up the back so it would fit snug. I know that light
    kills the resi...

  • Posted in thread: Spent Grain recipes w/o bread machine? on 10-29-2012 at 08:54 PM
    I have tried a few recipes found on other sites unsuccessfully and I'm tired of wasting my
    spent grain. Several of the recipes I've found here call for a bread machine, which I don't
    have. Can you guy...

  • Posted in thread: Who's brewing today? on 10-28-2012 at 09:32 PM
    6 degree Golden Ale and Pumpkin Ale

  • Posted in thread: Help me brew better extract beers! on 10-28-2012 at 05:01 PM
    Those kit instructions are usually shady and not very detailed. I have pulled a wealth of info
    from here, but everyone's method and style are different.

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