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  • Posted in thread: Hooked on Pilsner Malt on 04-10-2014 at 07:40 AM
    I make what I and a few friends think is a killer IPA and I use 100% Munich.

  • Posted in thread: Make a small batch with 5gal equipment? on 04-10-2014 at 07:30 AM
    Go to HD and buy a couple of 2 gal paint buckets and lids and then brew for that. I go for
    1.8-.9 into the bucket and get 3 six packs.

  • Posted in thread: I think this 15-Minute Blonde experiment is a bust on 04-10-2014 at 07:25 AM
    No need to add extra yeast after cold crashing. I do it all the time and bottle cold. Three
    weeks later and it's ready to go.

  • Posted in thread: Roasting non-malted GF grain? on 04-08-2014 at 07:44 AM

  • Posted in thread: GF Beer Fermentation on 04-08-2014 at 07:27 AM
    Someone that knows will ask for the recipe..Wow that's cold for an ale....I do mine at 61*F

  • Posted in thread: When to add fruit on 04-05-2014 at 04:07 AM
    Never for my taste. LOL Haven't tasted a fruity beer that could go more that one or two sips.
    Must be the German in me. :-)

  • Posted in thread: Bottling time on 03-23-2014 at 10:47 AM
    Are U doing an extract kit? If so the OG is what ever the kit said unless U messed up the water
    level.What ABV were U expecting?What was the og & fg??Oh yea U don't have a hydrometer. How did
    you figu...

  • Posted in thread: 2 gallon batches on 03-22-2014 at 07:00 AM
    I saw those 2 gallon fermenters from Demon Brew months ago. Wrote to them to get size and never
    heard from them so I stayed w/my 2 gallon paint buckets from HD. :-)

  • Posted in thread: Mash Conversion and Time on 03-11-2014 at 08:51 AM
    I think the only thing you are doing wrong is milling the grains at the LHBS. If you're getting
    more conversion/extraction of sugar up to 75 minutes after you dough in, your grain particles
    must be qu...

  • Posted in thread: 2 gallon batches on 03-11-2014 at 03:03 AM
    Cheap 2 gallon paint buckets at HD Check my video. I've modified a bt and now go for like 1.9 g
    in the fermenter. 1.75 gallons finished gives me 3 six packs.[ame="

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