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  • Posted in thread: Yeast Comparison: Danstar Belle Saison vs. Safbrew Abbaye | xBmt Results! on 08-10-2015 at 12:05 PM
    Saison. That beautiful blend of light, dry, and immensely characterful. A perfect beer for the
    warmer months… or any other time of year! For this xBmt, I compared a dry Saison strain that’s
    growing in...

  • Posted in thread: Yeast Pitch Rate - Pt. 3: Ale vs. Lager in a Kölsch on 08-03-2015 at 01:28 PM
    Pitching the proper amount of yeast has come to be one of the more important aspects of
    brewing, with people using calculators to determine how large of starters are require for the
    beer they're makin...

  • Posted in thread: Clarity Ferm vs. Gelatin | exBEERiment Results! on 07-27-2015 at 01:18 PM
    Very nice! Im going to keep using gelatin since its cheaper and has better results.Me too!
    Mainly because it's cheaper, I admit :mug:

  • Posted in thread: Clarity Ferm vs. Gelatin | exBEERiment Results! on 07-27-2015 at 12:49 PM
    There are a few methods to assist homebrewers in producing clear beer, one of the more popular
    involves adding a gelatin solutions post-fermentation, which has the added appeal of being
    pretty cheap. ...

  • Posted in thread: To secondary or not to secondary on 07-26-2015 at 06:39 PM
    I secondary my sour beers so they can bulk age for several months before I move them to a keg
    for extended aging.I leave my sours in primary for 12+ months. Brett eats autolyzed Sacch.

  • Posted in thread: First saison has off flavours? on 07-22-2015 at 01:25 PM
    +1 to what Brulospher said, it's kinda what you want in a Saison. Also in the future it's
    probably a good idea to do a 90 minute boil when using Pilsner malt to drive of any DMS,
    although maybe Brulos...

  • Posted in thread: Marris Otter IPA on 07-22-2015 at 01:21 PM
    How about a table sugar vs Belgian candy sugar xBmt? I've always questioned if the BCS actually
    does anything table sugar cantHigh on the list :)

  • Posted in thread: Premature Fermentation questions! on 07-22-2015 at 12:09 PM
    If it turns out good, I'd be somewhat surprised. While there's a chance the wild yeast that
    started fermenting the beer is a poor attenuator and the sacch you pitched will kick its ass,
    but it's safe ...

  • Posted in thread: First saison has off flavours? on 07-22-2015 at 12:06 PM
    Hey Guys.....I just poured my first pint of a Belgian saison that used wyeast 3724 Belgian
    Saison and I find it has a very musty earthy kinda smell. The recipes used a lot of Pilsner
    malt as well so c...

  • Posted in thread: Is dry hopping necessary when keg hopping? on 07-22-2015 at 12:05 PM
    Keg hopping is really just another method for dry hopping, so if that's the route you're going,
    it's not "necessary" to dry hop prior to kegging. That said, you could potentially get more hop

Brulosophy is a place to experiment with home brews. If you've had a crazy idea or wondered how something worked please visit us at! List of exBEERiments How To Easily Harvest Clean Yeast from Starters Make Good Lager in Less Time! Marshall "Brulosopher" Schott
July 14, 2012  •  06:06 PM
do you ever get any of that homebrew taste in your brews???
I also see you got some stuff for sale on craigs...
July 14, 2012  •  06:10 PM
@malt20 Hey, Cole. Homebrew taste? I think I know what you're referring to, but I've only experienced it when using extract. I'd have to say most of my beers turnout quite well, which I think is primarily due to using good yeast starters and fermenting at the right temperature. If you'd care to try mine for yourself to see, you can come over sometime and taste ;) Seriously, feel free to text anytime.

I am selling some stuff due to getting new equipment. Let me know if you're interested in any of it.
November 1, 2012  •  04:07 PM
Hey Marshall... This is Aaron from the 'hogs. There are a couple of us here (Matt is "humann_brewing" and I think there are a few others...

Keep up the good articles!
November 3, 2012  •  06:07 PM
:) I like the "Secondary" comment.

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