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  • Learned to love beer as an exchange student to Belgium in the '70's.
  • Go upta camp,fish,hunt
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  • Deadwood (technically a series), Serenity/Firefly, Godfather, Forest Gump, Conair, Shawshank Redemption,
  • NFL, MLB, NHL, Battlestar Galactica
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  • Portland Mashing Maineiacs
  • Took a 20 year break from homebrewing...My goal is to streamline my process/technique, find 3 recipes I like then lather, rinse, repeat, repeat, repeat. Update: Along the way I moved from extract to all grain to recent single-tier, 3 vessel, 20.8 gallon @ brew station and no-chill...big step!
  • I plan to do a big beer (like Imperial Porter) with first runnings and then a regular brown with 2nds. Mostly I work on IPA, brown ale, coffee porter and a lemon wheat with caraway that the ladies enjoy.
  • 5 gallos IPA and 5 more of the same IPA cube hopped with 2 ounces wild hops found on a farm near Dexter, Maine (Clusters?) Also 11 gallons Lemon Wheat.
  • Not big on secondaries at this time.
  • Harpoon IPA clones #7 and #8, Moose Drool clone #2 & 3, Adventurous Joe Coffee Porter #3 plus the stuff I stash for a year or so...
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  • Posted in thread: Exploring "no chill" brewing on 08-26-2014 at 05:00 PM
    That's a great idea but my concern would be "marinating" the diffusion stone and hose that
    long. When I aerate with my O2 kit, I am always worried about the stone sanitation (so I boil
    it every time)....

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  • Posted in thread: The Great Hydra Giveaway! on 05-14-2014 at 06:57 PM
    Random entry for a random win!

  • Posted in thread: Wort Monster Giveaway on 04-20-2014 at 01:33 PM
    Go Brewin's

  • Posted in thread: Rack and/or pitch more yeast? on 03-03-2014 at 06:09 PM
    Do you bottle? I might consider bottling half the big batch then adding the little batch and
    bottling the blend. (or some other ratio)Or, depending on the fermenter sizes, carefully stir
    up the yeast ...

  • Posted in thread: CRAIG's LIST Find on 02-28-2014 at 02:50 PM
    Single tier, 3 burner brew station on rollers, 3 x 21 gallon (aluminum) kettles set up as HLT,
    MT and BK with quick disconnects and silicon hose with March pump.$500Instantly upgraded me to
    15 gallon ...

  • Posted in thread: HomeBrewTalk 2014 Big Giveaway on 02-18-2014 at 09:53 PM
    ...just WOW!

  • Posted in thread: Allagash Black Clone on 02-09-2014 at 03:44 PM

  • Posted in thread: Spent Grain - Bread on 02-04-2014 at 12:53 PM
    Yes, you can save in the fridge for a couple days (I wouldn't go too much past 3. Your nose
    will tell you!) or the freezer for much longer. I would recommend saving more than you need in
    something sha...

  • Posted in thread: Spent Grain - Bread on 02-02-2014 at 02:14 PM
    I never brewed with flaked rice but I have used rice hulls to facilitate the sparge...I highly
    recommend you NOT to make bread if rice hulls are involved. Unless you like chewing razor
    blades! That's ...

Quote: Originally Posted by nutty_gnome View Post Everyone has to walk their own path as a brewer. Each home brewer must consider time, cost, feasibility, and results of their efforts. If a homebrewer can strike a happy balance between those 4 aspects, then they are doing it right regardless of the brewing method. Quote: Originally Posted by Revvy View Post Noone should have to defend themselves about what they want to brew or justify it to anyone... This is supposed to be about having fun. In whatever form it takes. Don't be a troll about it.