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  • Posted in thread: Square fermenter? on 07-14-2014 at 10:42 AM
    Asking for open minds, opinions, new ideas. Thinking 1-3 BBL fermenters and the flavor given by
    their shapes and timing.I do 4 weeks primaries and I'm curious as to why not to do this with
    conicals. R...

  • Posted in thread: Aging IIPA - THEN dryhop? on 06-17-2013 at 06:35 AM
    Cold press the coffee and add it at bottling. Pull a sample before bottling and try to figure
    out a ratio of how much to add for the flavor you are going for.

  • Posted in thread: Bourbon, oak, and flavor extraction on 06-17-2013 at 06:33 AM
    Here's what I did: I added the cubes and bourbon together to the batch. However I was worried
    about over oaking and having the oak and whiskey flavor being to intense. I pulled 1 gallon off
    the batch ...

  • Posted in thread: IPA tastings on 06-17-2013 at 06:25 AM
    I think it is because IPAs are not only popular but really fun to brew. Honestly. With lagers
    you are pushing for clean flavors and light tastes. With IPA you can push boundaries and get
    crazy with al...

  • Posted in thread: Dry Hopping Tips on 04-15-2013 at 04:03 AM
    I've thought about using a strainer or paint strainer, but heard(urban legend?) that the beer
    passing through the holes in the strainer or bag could cause oxidation. Really not certain
    about this but ...

  • Posted in thread: Show Us Your Label on 04-12-2013 at 09:04 AM
    Yeah! Here it is. The writing on the right was too small and is essentially illegible, but I
    didn't want to go back and fix it after I had printed it--next time I will.Borders around your
    text blocks ...

  • Posted in thread: using bourbon or scotch in secondary fermentation on 04-12-2013 at 09:03 AM
    ^^ Your bottom line statement is dead on. You just have to be dead on with it. This is why I
    like blending the batch. You have a little more leeway by splitting it and working each batch.
    Lets you exp...

  • Posted in thread: Show Us Your Label on 04-12-2013 at 09:00 AM
    Blending the two left pics together into one image would be incredible with the detail and hard
    lines. Or just reverse the top and bottom and see how you like it before blending.

  • Posted in thread: Fwh k.i.s.s. on 04-12-2013 at 08:58 AM
    ^^^^ Great post.

  • Posted in thread: Why not FWH on every APA and IPA on 04-12-2013 at 08:55 AM
    There are way more top rated commercial hoppy APA's, IPA's, and IIPA's on the market that don't
    rely on it. We can confirm this from dozens of clone recipes, brewer websites, emails, and