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  • Started brewing on extract kits in August 2006 after a horribly failed Mr Beer batch. Converted to all grain after 5 batches and haven't looked back. I'm currently working out the kinks in a custom single tier, 3 sanke, natural gas fired system. I'm a batch sparging advocate and like to teach new all grain brewers that you can achieve high 80% efficiencies. I'm focused on brewing highly drinkable beers right now and plan to start expanding BJCP knowledge to become a better brewer.
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  • Fixing a Chugger Pump
    It's very common to have distributors take care of warranty claims. You don't take your broken
    car to the manufacturing plant for repairs. The fact that your retailer no longer deals chugger
    anymore i...

  • Is this a mash tun?
    Jacketed fermenter or bright tank. No reason it can't be used for mashing or whatever.

  • Bottom Drain mash tun disadvantages
    As long as you don't plan to direct fire it, there are no major disadvantages. You can have a
    side port drain without much deadspace if you use a good diptube, but there is a brewing
    induced deadspace...

  • Do you really need a pid
    I didn't read any insults at all. You asked for thoughts and I gave them. You know, this is a
    discussion forum where people discuss pros and cons of different things.You're absolutely right
    about the ...

  • Do you really need a pid
    The grainfather has one of those boils that you might be satisfied with if you never saw a
    propane boil before. The surface moves a bit and the wort gets to about 209F at sea level.
    Insulating makes a...

  • Do you really need a pid
    No you don't need a PID to brew electric. You don't even need an SSVR controlled by a pot as
    Mr. Wilser suggests. However, once you spend the money on hooking into 240v with GFCI (as you
    should) and m...

  • Direct Drive Mill Motors
    Now that I looked at the specs of mine being 108 inch pounds, I tend to agree that the 130
    would probably be OK. I get by most of the time unless I try to mill a lot of carapils or rye
    and then I jam ...

  • Direct Drive Mill Motors
    Hospital bed motors, good thinking! It looks like there are some ~200rpm models floating around
    eBay as well, albeit not quite as cheap.To avoid buying a bunch of motors one after the other,
    you have ...

  • GFCI Breakers
    If you found a 50a GFCI breaker that fits your main panel for $80, that's a fine idea. My panel
    is a square D QO loadcenter and the GFCI to fit that runs about $150 unless you find a used one
    on ebay ...

  • Grill grate for a bag rest?
    If I didn't have a ratchet pulley for this I would have quit BIAB brewing after the first go
    around. Pulling the bag up that first 6" is insanely heavy. If I had to do it, then hold the
    bag up to move...

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August 2, 2008  •  05:19 AM
Fermentation may have been a greater discovery than fire.
August 3, 2008  •  04:12 PM
Great videos Bobby. Helped alot. You always have sound advice. Thanks for sharing the knowledge.
August 17, 2008  •  04:20 PM
What's with this? Homebrew chatter can lick my sack? Bad experience?
March 5, 2009  •  06:12 PM
Thanks for the post!!! I have been watching your video's for the past 5 month's lol. there very well done,even a noob like me can understand.thanks for the help.

July 29, 2009  •  12:38 AM
Yo Bobby!

Just wanted to say thanks for everything you do here and on you tube. I've finally started to get really serious about brewing and your info has been indispensable. Keep up the great work man!
January 26, 2010  •  02:22 AM
Thanks for all the useful information you have posted on various sites.

I am currently building a single tier stand of my own and was hoping that you would share the dimensions of yours, that is if you are happy with them.

If not would you please tell me the dims of the stand you would hope for.


July 24, 2010  •  06:14 PM
Just wanted to say thanks to all your posts and help you have provided. I need to start contributing videos and parts lists as Im building my 3 set up. Thanks!