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  • Posted in thread: Please help me move to all grain on 08-12-2013 at 03:01 AM
    Lastly, try to remember people have been doing this for like 10,000 years.Don't overthink
    it!It's not rocket science and if you're off by a little it's still going to be beer.Relax and
    yada yada yada

  • Posted in thread: Drinking my first beer!! on 04-24-2013 at 01:47 AM
    Nicely done.Congrats on starting the greatest hobby in the world.:D

  • Posted in thread: Priming sugar to kick up the ABV? on 02-16-2013 at 03:02 AM
    You can use corn sugar (priming sugar), table sugar or my favorite...Brown sugarand they will
    all boost abv and dry out your brew.Also, molasses or honey if you want a little residual

  • Posted in thread: Rookie mistake/smell. on 12-30-2012 at 05:35 AM
    you don't need a 1 inch blowoff. I always do 10 gallon batches and I always use 1/2 inch tubing
    even at warmer fermentation temps. I don't use airlocks anymore. I usually pitch onto a cake
    and I don't...

  • Posted in thread: Wheat beer, general thoughts? on 12-09-2012 at 01:52 AM
    I do some wheats because it's like 12 bucks for a 50 pound sack here in Kansas.I like the taste
    and I don't mind doing a protein rest.By the way,I use it raw,not malted.Does that make me
    weird?I get e...

  • Posted in thread: No Sprage Brewing - Do you have to mash with ALL the water? on 12-03-2012 at 05:16 AM
    I agree with the Kid. You want the dilute wort since you would leave more of the sugars caught
    up on the grain surfaces if the wort was more concentrated. I always mash as thin as I can.I
    feel it's mo...

  • Posted in thread: All Grain or the Highway? on 12-03-2012 at 05:02 AM
    Mash between 145 and 155 higher for sweet, lower for dry.Generally one hour is enough,but,lower
    should be longer.If you want to be sure , use iodine to test for conversion.Google it. Don't
    try multi s...

  • Posted in thread: All Grain or the Highway? on 12-03-2012 at 04:30 AM
    Extract brewing's greatest appeal to me (with 7 extract brews and a MIAB behind me now after a
    year) is that I can do it maybe five hours so there's less time investment in it.I'm not sure
    how your br...

  • Posted in thread: First all-grain yee-haw! on 11-05-2012 at 04:01 AM
    My chiller is only 25 feet of 3/8 copper but it really gets the temp down quickly.I've made a
    prechiller for next summer though because when the groundwater is warmer it makes a huge

  • Posted in thread: First Batch! on 10-28-2012 at 10:23 PM
    Congrats. I've yet to have an error free brewday.It's usually something akin to a classic
    slapstick comedy :D