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  • Posted in thread: Pours flat when cold ??? on 05-06-2010 at 02:30 PM
    Be sure you didn't try to bottle condition some of your beers in the fridge. Your bottles need
    to be between 65-75 (roughly) during bottle conditioning so the 34-40 you'll find in your
    fridge won't al...

  • Posted in thread: Ah Nuts! (using nuts in brewing) on 04-26-2010 at 12:47 AM
    The real question for me right now is whether to try one of these ways of adding nuts (making a
    liquor infusion, adding them to the mash, or "dry-nutting") or to just use some extract.
    Extract is defi...

  • Posted in thread: Ah Nuts! (using nuts in brewing) on 04-24-2010 at 04:47 PM
    I'd like to revive this thread because I'm planning a beer that will also utilize nuts. I want
    to soak walnuts in bourbon and add the bourbon to a porter either in secondary or at bottling.
    Anyone els...

  • Posted in thread: Sam Adams Commercial Filming (Photos) on 04-21-2010 at 11:20 PM
    Hey everyone, I thought you might appreciate seeing this. I work at the Sam Adams Boston
    Brewery which is the location where all of the in-brewery scenes from the commercials are
    filmed. The other day...

  • Posted in thread: How easy is it to oxidize my beer? on 04-05-2010 at 11:03 PM
    The other day I was transferring my Milk Stout to a secondary and all of the sudden my
    auto-siphon started spewing bubbles that were seemingly coming from nowhere. I think the rubber
    ring around the p...

  • Posted in thread: Orange Blossom Water on 03-31-2010 at 07:28 PM
    I am also curious about using orange blossom water. I find it hard to believe that no HBTers
    have used it before. Anyone?

  • Posted in thread: Samuel Adams Boston Ale Homage on 03-27-2010 at 05:07 PM
    As an employee at the SA Boston Brewery, I'd recommend using WLP008, 'East Coast Ale' as they
    call it, that is a strain derived directly from the SA ale yeast which we use in most of our
    ales. It will...

  • Posted in thread: Dry Hop Failure....well not total failure on 03-22-2010 at 07:32 PM
    This is something I've also struggled with.The first time I used pellets and a nylon hop bag,
    results were mostly good but the bag closed with a little tie-string which could not keep some
    of the pell...

  • Posted in thread: What does one do in this situation? on 03-21-2010 at 11:27 PM
    CO2 is heavier than O2. So you probably had a nice layer of CO2 sitting on top of the beer
    preventing any bacterial infection (barring anything in there prior to fermentation). Since
    you're almost don...

  • Posted in thread: What does one do in this situation? on 03-21-2010 at 10:25 PM
    So, I brew at my parents' house in Plymouth, MA although I live at my apartment in Boston and I
    come to the house about once a week to brew, bottle, transfer to secondary etc... Today I came
    to the ho...