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  • Washington, the state
  • Brewing and shooting
  • As long as its not rap I'm probably gtg
  • Original Star Wars, Han shot first.
  • I gave comcast the boot so don't know whats going on in tv land
  • AHA
  • Been brewing for around 10 years, converting over to electric if I can find the time to get everything together and the system fired up.
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  • Posted in thread: What is up with wildy varied CO2 prices?? on 09-15-2014 at 09:07 PM
    Ask at your LHBS. That's where I found the best place to get mine filled.I have a 5# and a 20#
    tank. Airgas, a national company, charges me $22 to fill just my 5# tank and wanted over $60
    (no thanks) ...

  • Posted in thread: What is up with wildy varied CO2 prices?? on 09-15-2014 at 08:13 PM
    I did what you did first, I shot myself in the foot and wasted a ton of time because I didn't
    want to give up my new shiny tank. The industry works on swapping tanks and it doesn't like
    dealing with l...

  • Posted in thread: Dry hopping: Primary vs. secondary on 09-13-2014 at 02:56 PM
    Flyboyknight:That's a great post. Thanks for sharing your research. It doesn't address my
    second concern (quoted) but it certainly addresses my first question. It seems to me that it
    creates solid rea...

  • Posted in thread: lifetime of pH meter electrodes on 09-10-2014 at 08:43 PM
    Well, you get what you pay for. I had a Milwaukee that I paid $100 for and after a few years it
    died. Up to that point it worked fine, just the electronics were obviously piss poor. Based off
    what AJ'...

  • Posted in thread: Dried whiskey barrel steps on 09-09-2014 at 10:11 PM
    Sounds like a candidate for wild beers. Good luck.

  • Posted in thread: Diacetyl rest. on 09-09-2014 at 03:00 PM
    A diacetyl rest is used as an insurance measure when brewing lagers. Once the lager is almost
    done with fermentation you ramp the temp up to around 60 degrees for a day or two to energize
    the yeast en...

  • Posted in thread: Dried whiskey barrel steps on 09-09-2014 at 02:49 PM
    You have two issues, first the obvious, that it likely will not hold water. Second is
    sanitation. A hard alcohol barrel that remains sealed will be sanitary because nothing can live
    in the high alcoho...

  • Posted in thread: Ss Brewing Technologies "That's a ton of Stuff!" Giveaway on 09-08-2014 at 04:43 PM
    I'll play

  • Posted in thread: 20 lb of sugar and a jar of yeast nutrient on 09-02-2014 at 06:30 PM
    I did two attempts at the 260 this weekend per directions and using DAP both ended up being the
    consistency of half crystylized honey. Reading all 39 pages, I have three thoughts: 1, need to
    use more ...

  • Posted in thread: pH Meter Calibration on 09-02-2014 at 01:42 AM
    @ajdelange numbers for my Hach Pocket Pro+:Time (min) pH Temp (F)2 4.00 74.8 4 4.00 75.06 4.00
    75.28 4.00 75.410 4.00 75.612 4.00 75.4 14 4.00 75.216 4.00 75.218 3.99 75.020 4.00 75.230 3.99
    74.840 4....

VOTE, n. The instrument and symbol of a freemanís power to make a fool of himself and a wreck of his country.
October 1, 2013  •  06:25 PM
I was just looking at your information and see that you are from Washington, the state. It made me laugh. I am from Idaho and feel that "Washington" is the state and the city should be designated as "DC". As an aside, I live in Northern Idaho (Sandpoint) and people always call it North Idaho. It is small, but it drives me crazy, just the same was "Washington State" does not set well with me. Anyway, I liked your small editorial. Mark