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  • Author of BeerSmith 2 home brewing software, the book "Home Brewing with BeerSmith", host of the BeerSmith podcast on iTunes and several brewing web sites including
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  • Designing Great Beers by Ray Daniels
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  • I've been brewing for about 21 years, wrote the BeerSmith program in 2002, started in 2006, and recently created the BeerSmith Home Brewing Blog and news site.
  • Finished BeerSmith 2 release for PC/Mac and I'm working on a series of updates to continue to add new features/improvements.
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  • Posted in thread: beersmith, why doesnt boil time change est. OG? on 01-18-2014 at 03:08 PM
    Hi, BeerSmith does not modify the color for length of the boil - as far as I know no one's
    software does. The Maillard reaction that darkens the wort is not well modeled and includes a
    lot of variable...

  • Posted in thread: BeerSmith - BeerTools - Promash. - Which is best? What do you have? on 12-31-2013 at 05:07 AM
    You can change the sort order of ingredients by clicking on the various headers for the
    ingredients list. Also you can grab a ton of ingredients including the latest yeasts and hops
    by clicking on the...

  • Posted in thread: Beersmith 2 won't open on 12-27-2013 at 08:43 PM
    Hi - make sure the program is not running first from the task manager. Next just manually
    download the update from and install it. After that you should be good as the latest fixes
    should enable dow...

  • Posted in thread: Beersmith 2 won't open on 12-16-2013 at 12:25 AM
    Hi, When you go to task manager make sure "BeerSmith2.exe" is not running on the Processes tab.
    The fact that you can't write to the file indicates it probably is still running. It may show
    up in the ...

  • Posted in thread: Beersmith 2 won't open on 12-14-2013 at 02:46 PM
    Hi, - Shut down the process from task manager - Download and install the latest update (2.2.12)
    from main download page and it should fix it - We had a bug in one of the 2.2
    releases tha...

  • Posted in thread: Beersmith - Help me import .BSMX recipe file on 12-11-2013 at 05:09 PM
    Here's the short version. - Open BeerSmith - Use the open command to open your BSMX file - Copy
    whatever you want from the open BSMX file using the copy command - Go to the view where you
    want it perm...

  • Posted in thread: BeerSmith 2.2 Update Released 26 Nov 13 on 12-02-2013 at 11:02 AM
    I just checked the server and all of the download links on the main download page at are
    active and valid.If you are having any problems at all with the background/automatic update
    features I recomm...

  • Posted in thread: BeerSmith 2.2 Update Released 26 Nov 13 on 12-01-2013 at 10:52 PM
    Joe, Is it possible you have the 32 bit version (which is not signed) and are running a new
    version of OSX (10.8 or 10.9)? If that is the case you might need to hold Ctrl while clicking
    (or change you...

  • Posted in thread: BeerSmith 2.2 Update Released 26 Nov 13 on 11-29-2013 at 03:51 AM
    What? How does that work?Honestly after 10 years I've seen just about everything.I have had
    people with zero boil volume in their equipment asking why the IBUs were zero, people who
    imported a poorly ...

  • Posted in thread: BeerSmith 2.2 Update Released 26 Nov 13 on 11-28-2013 at 02:46 PM
    I upgraded to 2.2 and now i have no calculated ibus @ 5 and 10 minCan you go to
    and drop me a note with some details? Or even better send me a copy of the recipe you are
    having trouble w...

July 29, 2009  •  12:22 AM
I love your program man! Thank you for everything it has helped me to do and understand!
October 22, 2009  •  05:34 AM
Thanks for the awesome software and contribution to homebrewing. One of the best homebrewing products I have bought!