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  • Bargain Fittings is your source of quality weldless stainless steel fittings and parts at very low prices.

    We are a growing company with the goal of serving you with respect and quality customer service.

    If you ever have a special part or have question on upgrading or converting your brewing equipment contact us via email and get an answer quickly!

    Thank you for your business and hope to serve you again soon.
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  • Wayne Yandell
  • North Texas Home Brewers Association
  • I started in 2004 with kits and progressed quickly to all grain brewing. I found such a great diversity and quality of people in the home brewing community that I started my business to help those in need of quality kits to convert their brew pots, kegs and coolers to make their beer! I'm a competition brewer and I have quickly come to understand that my beer can always get better and I really try to get consistent results. This is more than a hobby or obsession. It really is my way of life. Brewing has defined me and is the reason I get up and do what I do every day!
  • 2009 - American lagers & ales. English Ales in between lagers to keep me in beer.

    2010 - ???? I've only brewed a few beers and entered quite a bit from last year. Meads have carried me to some very nice awards this year.
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  • Bochet Mead (burnt mead)
    I have found you can heat the honey to the point it boils and then back off on the heat until
    it is barely making a bubble fountain and you don't have to stir it any more.This can be
    difficult to main...

  • Ginger Beer Yeast Viability
    Sure. It will probably have some lactic bacteria in it too.Culturing it out will prevent that.

  • Help choosing a ro system
    I bought a 100GPD system off of ebay years ago and have been happy with it.Purchase one with a
    clear filter housing on the first filter so you can seen when it gets dirty.50 to 100 gallon
    per day will...

  • Reviews on equipment websites
    We post our reviews (with a response added if it warrants one) Defeats the purpose of reviews
    if you don't post them.

  • Modify Air pump D Sanke Tap
    Doubtful. Best to sell it and buy a regular Sanke tap and fittings.What sort of threads are on
    the air pump to the main body? How does the liquid tap fit on the body of the tap?

  • Lets blow through my paycheck: RO System
    Any standard 10" 3 or 4 stage RO system should fulfil your requirements.I suggest clear filter
    housings so you can see when your filters get dirty.50 or 100 gallon per day will be fine as
    well. Alot o...

  • Cleaning new all grain equipment
    As suggested, I too would pump hot pbw solution through all the lines and vessels. Rinse well
    and brew.This will let you trouble shoot any issues before you brew - like leaks, hose changes,
    etc.For ba...

  • Help! I think i ruined my brass fittings
    You can use a bit of bar keeper's friend on them to remove the stains.

  • Adding whirlpool to keggle?
    You can use the high flow elbow barb as suggested. whirlpool / side pickups are easy to
    disassemble and clean. It can be pointed up or down by just adjusting the tube.We can make a
    custom tube that ...

  • Sterile Siphon Starter: A Review
    Nice review!Another method is to close up the receiving keg and apply a slight vacuum to the
    gas port.Hook up a disconnect with a bare hose and apply a vacuum to the end of the hose.If
    going to bucket...