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  • Think has a "Spike your Juice" kit for 10 bucks that has one water lock and 5 packs of yeast and instruction. I got that and never looked back lol.
  • Meads Meads the magical drink! The more you drink the more you.......topple over with the room spinning.
  • White grape peach wine, Skeeter Pee
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  • Posted in thread: London Bochet on 08-22-2014 at 04:51 PM
    Sounds great. I just mentioned those couple yeast but I meant to say just any dry yeast.
    Companies like Wyeast have liquid packs. For 1 gallon batches just make sure to follow
    directions on the packag...

  • Posted in thread: London Bochet on 08-22-2014 at 04:34 PM
    Give or take 2-4 points that amount of honey would give an ABV around 1.040 I bet. So close to
    a potential 6% - 7% ABV. I highly suggest upping the nutrients to about 1.5tsp and use the
    staggered nutr...

  • Posted in thread: London Bochet on 08-22-2014 at 02:53 PM
    I think you're right there...I will use a new recipe using only honey burnt black (wondering if
    this would create smokey flavours like a hint of stout?) and experiment with different honey

  • Posted in thread: London Bochet on 08-21-2014 at 11:31 PM
    I have not used Jamaica tea before but have used a cold hardy hibiscus that grows like a weed
    here in Oklahoma. (Rose of Sharon) It is similar in flavor but more subtle (I have read) but it
    is also us...

  • Posted in thread: London Bochet on 08-21-2014 at 10:34 PM
    I found just a little bit of the light bochet in the back of my fridge in a wine bottle. This
    is the very last of my last batch but enough to give you an idea of color:219183To get that
    deep ruby red ...

  • Posted in thread: London Bochet on 08-21-2014 at 06:41 PM
    The orange blossom did show through!!! The trick is just to slightly carmelize the honey to get
    some added complexity. It had that unique citrusy flavor a traditional orange blossom mead has.
    I actual...

  • Posted in thread: London Bochet on 08-21-2014 at 03:04 PM
    Here is a light bochet that I was extremely impressed with along with many family members. You
    can drop the OG down to 1.050 and it should have plenty of body and not be too thin with an 8%
    ABV. As lo...

  • Posted in thread: Hey, I'm new here and I have a Mead question. on 08-21-2014 at 02:44 AM
    Don't worry too much now. If you can get nutrients in the morning then fine. If you have it on
    hand a tsp of bread yeast in a little water microwaved for several minutes to kill it off will
    work as a ...

  • Posted in thread: Melomar bitterness on 08-21-2014 at 02:40 AM
    If dry a peach melomel can be a bit bitter, at least the ones I make are. If you don't like it
    then sweeten it just a little. I like peach wines / meads dry but some like it otherwise.

  • Posted in thread: Low alcohol, no extra sugar, fruit wine on 08-18-2014 at 09:57 PM
    There is nothing wrong with a low ABV wine except for the reasons Yooper points out. But I also
    make some fruit wines with no sugar and use fruit juice concentrate to bring the OG up to a
    potential 9%...

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