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  • Posted in thread: Temperature question on 09-11-2011 at 05:35 AM
    Answer 1: You may have created some off flavors. Only time will tell. Answer 2: The longer
    cooling time has nothing to do with your fermentation in this case. If the airlock was bubbling
    and you had a...

  • Posted in thread: First time kegging trouble! on 08-06-2011 at 09:21 PM
    I bought a pin lock corny keg and decided to put a batch of Oktoberfest in it. Heres the
    facts:1) I didnt' have a lot to spend so I got a portable CO2 injector and some 16g Co2
    annisters.2) I naturall...

  • Posted in thread: Mash schedule on 08-04-2011 at 06:07 PM
    How long is the boil? If it is a 60 minute boil, you are going have too much of pre-boil volume
    with about 8.5 gallons and will probably need to use between 3.5 and 4 gallons (that answers
    your questi...

  • Posted in thread: Why 5 gallon batches? on 07-20-2011 at 01:04 AM
    The old Mr. Beer keg is great for fermenting 2.5 gallon experimental batches!

  • Posted in thread: Octoberfest with no mash out on 06-13-2011 at 05:22 PM
    I just brewed my second all grain batch. It was a five gallon batch of Octoberfest. I used a
    double decoction mash method and the fly sparged with 170 degree water. I use a 5 gallon cooler
    as a mash/ ...

  • Posted in thread: Plastic bucket from Austin ? on 06-11-2011 at 11:49 PM
    it does need to be on airtight. Any air getting into the fermentor is a risk of airborne
    bacteria and wild yeasts.

  • Posted in thread: Plastic bucket from Austin ? on 06-11-2011 at 10:33 PM
    Send a pick of the bucket. Is it a Ale Pail or a TrueBrew Bucket? Is the lid blue? If it is any
    of those, then it shouid snap on. Some of em are just really tight and need a lot of pressure.

  • Posted in thread: What caused low FG? on 03-11-2011 at 05:57 AM
    I think I may try this recipe with the two kinds of yeast. Sounds like good winter sipping!

  • Posted in thread: What caused low FG? on 03-11-2011 at 05:55 AM
    Sounds like it went pretty good to me. LOTS of alcohol! Nothing wrong with that. Basically,
    different yeasts are going to attenuate differently and under slightly different conditions.
    You are right. ...

  • Posted in thread: Homebrew Obsession on 03-11-2011 at 05:47 AM
    I am a PI and can sometimes be on surveillance for up to 10 hours. It's crazy how much time I
    sit around creating recipes and reading these forums. Anyone else check CRAIGS 10 times a day
    so you can b...

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