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  • Posted in thread: Funny things you've overheard about beer on 07-13-2013 at 10:53 PM
    At a restaurant last evening looking over the relatively good beer list. After being told "we
    no longer have that on tap" I said no problem, I'll take a tall 60 minute IPA. He responded
    "good choice! ...

  • Posted in thread: Forgot to boil yeast starter on 07-03-2013 at 11:21 PM
    Sorry, misread your post. Dme needs to be pasteurized. Canned lme is sterile in the can. Would
    have recommended sterilizing the water but I say use it. You can always taste and smell your
    starter prio...

  • Posted in thread: Forgot to boil yeast starter on 07-03-2013 at 11:19 PM
    Really depends on the temp of the water. As long as it has been pasteurized, you are fine.
    Above 161 for 15 min or so.

  • Posted in thread: Once upon a time... on 03-07-2013 at 12:18 AM
    Were incontinent and loved drinking

  • Posted in thread: New Orleans for St. Patricks Day on 02-28-2013 at 05:57 PM
    So I have never been to New Orleans. I have a business trip that will land me there for the
    weekend. Any suggestions on what I should check out?

  • Posted in thread: Fermentation not happening!!! on 02-28-2013 at 02:43 AM
    What was the temp of the wort when you pitched? 95 degrees seems a little steep. I would assume
    you just killed the yeast. Check the temp, and pitch another packet. It will ferment out and be
    just fin...

  • Posted in thread: Respond to This Thread If You use HBT Android on 02-27-2013 at 11:24 PM

  • Posted in thread: ANDROID Phones are for girls!!!! on 02-27-2013 at 12:16 AM
    +1 on SwiftKey. Went from a DROID X to the S3. SwiftKey made a huge difference. For me, even
    with the "issues" HBT would not exist without the android app. Use this thing for everything.

  • Posted in thread: Any other recent/to be new Dads? on 01-14-2013 at 04:47 PM
    6 and 3 year old daughters. Brewing is the best way to have a hobby and stay at home. Kids
    help, you can keep an eye on them, and mom isn't looking at her watch wondering when I'm gonna
    be back from t...

  • Posted in thread: You know you're a home brewer when? on 12-22-2012 at 07:01 PM
    When looking for a new home, insufficient brewing space is a deal breaker.

"Drive through it Cole. I know you can..I know it in my heart."

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