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  • I am a Certified Dialysis Nurse by profession, brewer by choice!
  • Brewing and finding new
    beer to sample.
  • Dialysis Nurse
  • Daniel
  • I got into brewing with my brother. Picked up "The Complete Joy of Homebrewing", watched a couple Youtube videos, and purchased a starter kit from Midwest Supplies, and dove in. Haven't looked back yet. I've done a lot of kits mostly from Midwest, but started doing recipes, and now have moved onto an all-grain 10gal Keggle setup. I have a 1 tap keg system, and am working on moving up to a 4 tap (1 dedicated to Nitrous stouts) in a Keezer. Best brewed beer so far...Russian Imp Stout.
  • Edwort's Robust Porter
  • 12 Gal 60 Minute IPA
    5.5 Gal Lite Rye Ale
  • Blueberry Mead
  • Dogfish Head Pumpkin Porter
    Russian Imperial Stout
    Rosemary Octane IPA
    Harvest Hard Cider
  • Fuggin' Pale Ale (all Fuggles!)
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  • Posted in thread: Under 2% ABV Beer/soda on 02-12-2015 at 02:28 AM
    So I'm looking for some guidance. Been brewing a long time, and wide variety of beer. What I'm
    looking to do now is make very low alcohol tart/fruity beer almost like a soda. Something like
    a Berliner...

  • Posted in thread: To RE-USE or NOT RE-USE yeast slurry from "stalled" batch? on 02-08-2015 at 03:41 AM
    Here' another blog to check out. towards the bottom of the page he talks about

  • Posted in thread: Huge Stir Plate -Aerate 6 Gallon Batch?? on 02-08-2015 at 12:31 AM
    If i had this setup, I would stir until i saw + signs of fermentation, then cut it off. Also,
    id only leave tin foil on the top until fermentation started, then add the air lock. The
    difference betwee...

  • Posted in thread: To RE-USE or NOT RE-USE yeast slurry from "stalled" batch? on 02-08-2015 at 12:15 AM
    Thats probably the best decision. Any time your yeast doesnt behave the way you expect, you
    shouldnt re-use that batch...even if its only been one generation. it's not worth throwing out
    a whole new b...

  • Posted in thread: Need some input on yeast cake starting with lower og to higher og on 01-21-2015 at 01:45 AM
    So your process is basically correct but there's a few assumptions that you have wrong. The
    first assumption that you have wrong is that there will be 4.5 billion cells in 1 milliliter of
    yeast slurry...

  • Posted in thread: Cream of Three Crops (Cream Ale) on 06-05-2014 at 11:10 PM
    18 hours after pitching.

  • Posted in thread: Cream of Three Crops (Cream Ale) on 06-05-2014 at 02:43 PM
    Brewed 5gallons yesterday. Didn't have Willamette hops so i subd in Saaz. Pitched with Wyeast
    Kolsch II yeast in a 1.6L starter. Did a 2 hour Mash @148, had to run out for a bit, then
    boiled 60 min. O...

  • Posted in thread: Slanting yeast on 04-08-2014 at 11:35 PM
    My method is to put in a 400* oven for 90 minutes.To use dry heat to sterilize you need to rest
    for 24 hours then repeat this process for a total of 3x. Its called Tyndallization. Spores from

  • Posted in thread: Slanting yeast on 04-08-2014 at 11:27 PM
    Your really not supposed to sterlize plates in the pressure cooker, as the process creates too
    much condensation. You are supposed to use dry heat to sterlize.This isn't necessarily true.
    Actually usi...

  • Posted in thread: Slanting yeast on 04-01-2014 at 11:56 PM
    I usually add 10 ml sterile wort to the slant and shake. Then let sit for 24-48 hours until I
    start to see signs of fermentation. Then transfer to 90 ml of sterile wort.Sent from my Galaxy
    Nexus using...