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I used a GE WMR04BAPBB 4.3 CU Foot compact fridge. Approx. Dimensions (HWD) 32 3/4 H x 20 1/2 W x 21 D. I read through many pages of different kegerator builds. I used this fridge because I had it at work and bought it new about 6 years ago. I planned on starting with a single tap and having space for two kegs. I did not get any "before" picture but did take time to get during pictures. So I will go over the steps I did and try to get the pictures in as needed. First, I removed the door. Now to remove the door panel liner so that both kegs will fit inside. Have to remove the rubber gasket which is help on with small Philips head screws. Here is the door with the panel removed. I had previously had the freezer compartment rotated down 90 degrees by an HVAC shop (not hard but I did not want to break any lines). Now according to this picture on the back, the evaporator lines are on the sides which leaves me free to drill through the top. How would I keep track of all my measurements on a black fridge? Blue painters tape of course! I measured from the front of the opening to the back wall of the fridge which ended up being 17 5/8". The (outside) width of the fridge is 20". So I will use 10" as my center mark. The base (flange) of the tower was was 3 1/2" and the ID of the tower was 2 7/8". I decided to use a 2 1/8" hole saw and make the center of the tower 4 1/2" from the back of the fridge. Now to lay it all out on the tape. I started by drilling the center hole in the top. Then I reversed the direction of the saw so that the teeth of the hole saw were not cutting the metal but were actually scraping it. Yes it took awhile but the cut was cleaner. Once the metal was cut through, I pulled the metal piece off and put the drill in Forward to cut through the insulation and plastic inner liner. Now that was done, time to layout the tower base mounting holes. I used a regular 1/4" bit to drill these and used 3" machine screws (along with a larger flat washer against the plastic, then a smaller washer, then a lock washer and nut) to mount it. Now to move the temp control. This was easy to remove. Single Phillips head screw held it in place. I removed the temp adjustment control from the plastic case and extended the three wires with wire (I used wirenuts) that was around 8" long. Remounted the temp probe running along the top edge and down the front. Once the wires were done and verified to work (I just plugged it in and the condenser came on), I simply taped it to the back side wall. Later on I will epoxy it to the ceiling of the fridge. I used a piece of plastic from the local HD store to line the door since it was lined with paper. Not to keep it sturdy but more to protect the paper lining from moisture. The rubber gasket has a lip on the inside and I could not get it to stay under the plastic. So I cut the edge from the original liner and used that. Trimmed the plastic to fit inside that and the rubber gasket went on easily. Now to just remount the door. Put the keg and co2 inside (I will mount the co2 outside the fridge later). Turn it on, and carb up 5 gal of water for some soda. Need to get another keg and start another batch of beer. Will eventually swap the single tower out with a double tower so I can have one tap for soda water and another one for beer. Sorry for the crappy cellphone pics. A better finished picture will come in a few days.

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March 18, 2013  •  01:50 PM
Thanks for sharing the "bad pics" are perfect to follow along the narrative!You don't need hi res photos to get the point across :)