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A place for all NW PA brewers to meet and chat.
10 1 8 0
04:08 AM
DC Homebrewers is a club organized to promote, share, educate, and enjoy the hobby of homebrewing in and around the District of Columbia in a social setting. Donít forget that we are also accessible twitter (@DCHomebrewers)! Cheers and good brewing,
3 0 0 0
A group of engineers turned brewers that are slowly but surely improving the brew collective.
4 1 1 0
08:44 PM
Okies welcome, come on in if you live in the Old Indian Territory of Oklahoma. Since we are a small state, we need a big brewing group of us to combat the sorry conditions of our beer in this state. LOL, ok we'll just keep brewing as normal, but now we can have a gang at least.
83 32 189 0
08:07 PM
The Art of Brewing in the Heart of Virginia
6 1 1 0
06:23 PM
A group to talk about home brewed beer, wine and the growing of hops in TN. Basically, a bunch of soon to be friends talking about beer, drinking beer, and making beer together when possible! All skill levels welcome!
96 36 121 0
03:30 PM
For all the Phish heads on HBT
24 4 8 0
02:26 PM
Where Idaho brewers can bask in the glory of all things beer.

25 6 23 0
04:19 AM
Practicing the hobby while living and working "abroad," no matter your country of origin
5 1 3 0
09:20 PM
This group is aimed at sharing knowledge amongst people not brewing in the States. We have little or no access to prefabbed brewing materials, grains and yeast specifically bread and rating for brewing, and hops.

How do you brew? What is your procedure? What are your ingredients? Please share. Creativity and ingenuity are highly encouraged.
4 1 3 0
09:13 PM
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