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Users of recirculated infusion mash system (RIMS) brew systems.
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East River or West in Beer were brothers!
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All brewers in the North Texas area that love beer!
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Ya gotta be a bona fide hillbilly and ya gotta know how to brew... nuff said.
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doing things old school and making old school beers.
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A group of East Nashville gentlemen who wish not to drink in mediocrity or adhere to the ways of the common man. Let it be known that they have bestowed their desires to create and deliver a line a beers only a true gentlemen can appreciate.
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Lakewood, Whiterock, Hollywood Heights, Junius Heights, Swiss Avenue, Downtown Dallas, East of US 75.
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For all those brewers who play Rec/Tournament paintball. Whether you're a Recballer who likes Rauchbier or an Airball player who drinks American Ale, you're welcome in this group as long as you don't drink onto the field ;)
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Any brewer that lives in or near the 5-1-2, fan of Austin, or just a Longhorn fan. We even accept refugees from College Station :). Hook em!
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