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Crazy8 10-23-2012 03:04 AM

The most root beer I have ever done
Well tonight I made 5 gallons worth of root beer. 3 gallons on what I m calling my "signature" recipe and 2 gallons of what I have named my "Honey Boo Boo Drank." Obviously all my roots showed up today but I am not doing to much experimentation with these this time. I have been without root beer for a couple weeks now and wanted to make sure I had plenty around for when I do make some experimental batches. About as experimental as I got this time was to tweak each of the recipes just a little and to donate 1 gallon of each recipe to be used for 8oz of maltdextrine to see how it turns out.

I do have yucca root, burdock root, and dandelion root which was part of my package I got today. I have never used any of these roots before so I have no clue how much to use of any of them or what flavors to expect. I have to say I smelled all three of them and none of them smelled very appealing so hopefully that's not some kind of indicator. So here are the reasons I got those 3 roots. Yucca root I got because I have heard that it helps with head retention plus I have seen this root get used on a commercial root beer, which the name of currently has escaped me.

I got the burdock because I came across instances where people have been using it though I have not seen what ratio it is used at. I decided to get the dandelion root because, again, I have herd of people using it though I do not know what amounts of it are used. I figured for as cheep as the roots were I figured I would get them to play with and experiment with. If anyone has any ideas on how much of any of these roots typically should be used on a per gallon basis, I would greatly appreciated. It seems that I have run into some recipes that use equal amounts of sassafras and sarsaparilla (assuming both are in a recipe). Is it safe to assume that maybe this could also be used for burdock, dandelion and possibly yucca?

Thanks for all the help

MrFoodScientist 10-26-2012 05:32 PM

It's been a while since I've used dandelion root, but if my memory serves me correctly, you'll want to use it in conjunction with the other roots at about the same level, so equal parts with sassafras or sarsaparilla. The burdock root is a little bit strong and somewhat unpleasant on its own, but it does offer some complexity that rounds out the brew. Use it at 1/2 or 1/4 the level of any other of your roots.
I have never used yucca, though.

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