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skyborne98 03-13-2011 06:15 PM

Gnome Root Beer - First Attempt- Possible fail
I made my first attempt at root beer last weekend. All went well, but now I am reconsidering. The instructions said wait 1 -2 weks for sediment to settle then put in fridge. Well I now have sediment, didnt check until today and day 7. So I opened a bottle that shown a little leakage, so i was going to dump it.... Well it had huge amounts of carbonation... And well it vaguelly taste of root beer and not sweet at all. In fact faintly alcoholic... What should i do? I am sticking them in the fridge for now.

KevinM 03-16-2011 01:56 AM

So exactly what steps did you take in producing this anyways?
How much sugar did you use? Yeast strain? Bottle type? Did you squeeze test per day or not?
It just seems that your yeast went pretty quick and consumed most of the sugar if it's not sweet.

FrostyJR 02-19-2013 06:06 PM

Are you sure it said weeks? I just bought a gnome kit and it says 2 days.

FrostyJR 02-19-2013 07:38 PM

Oops. Just realized how old the original post is.

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