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Fallon 01-29-2012 06:02 PM

Excessive foam from corney keg
5 gal corney keg, 3 of the mixing sticks from the cure your short hose troubles thread & 4-5' of 3/16" hose with a picnic tap on the end.

I've been carbing the root beer in the fridge for a week at 35psi shaking occasionally. When I opened up the keg to see what was going on after my initial problems I got foam & some slush out the pressure relief valve half way though the venting & when I got the keg open, there was some slush floating on top (either the from the fridge being to cold, or the temp drop from depressurization).

Now that the keg has been repressurized & warmed up to room temp, nothing has changed though.

Every cup I fill is over 3/4 foam.

Am I going to need to go with some longer line even though I have the 3 mixing sticks for resistance (I'd rather not have excessively long lines if I can avoid it, why I went with the mixing stick route)? Add another stick? Any suggestions?

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