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If you're already using extracts, that's probably the way to go. These will contain the aromatic aldehydes that give oranges their flavor/aroma and will mix well with water/syrup as they are in an alcohol solvent.

If you want to use essential oils, you will need something like guar gum to get the oil to mix with water. This basically contains the same aromatic compounds as the extract, but they're contained in the oil that actually comes from the orange rather than in an alcohol carrier.

You could use the orange juice, but this wall actually add less orange flavor, and more tart/juiciness (which comes from citric acid that is not contained in either the extract or the oil).

You could also try orange zest, which is basically using the peel of an actual orange and pulling the essential oil out of that, but you risk getting some of the bitterness from the pith(white part of the peel) along with your zest. To do it this way, just put the orange zest into your boiling water and strain it out before adding sugar.

Bottom line is any of these four methods will work, it just depends on the subtleties of the orange flavor that you want to accentuate in your finished beverage.

I hope that helps.


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That is amazing information. I may just try the orange zest thing and see how that works. I may also try to add more orange extract and see if that gets me closer to the orange flavor/strength I am looking for. hanks again for all of that. Those are all great ideas and good quality info.

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Originally Posted by sicabeer
Why not fresh oranges?

Also look into essential oils.
Be careful, not all essential oils are food grade. Even though they may be same 'flavor' they can also be graded for use in cosmetics, perfumes, etc.

My vote is for making a simple syrup which has orange peels steeped within, avoid all pith. Then play with the proportions of orange and your cream base, perhaps a splash of half-n-half.

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I agree to be careful if using essensial oils. Look for places that use it for cupcakes and treats. Also follow up with contacting the vendor to verify that its food safe.

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Old old thread but I am going to be making some root beer and maybe vanilla cream soda so curious if I can get some recipes/ideas over the weekend. I have made vanilla cream soda once just kinda going off of taste/rough recipes. I made a one gallon batch that turned out quite tasty.

1 gallon water
2 cups sugar
2 T vanilla extract (imitation for my first attempt)
1/4 tsp bakers yeast
dash of coriander
(optional almond extract taste)

1. I didn't do a full boil, just heated water up to maybe 90 to dissolve sugar and this is when I added a dash of coriander
2. added vanilla
3. put in 1 gallon glass jar (old tabasco jar)
4. pitched yeast when it cooled down a little (80ish degrees)
5. capped it and let sit for 3 days
6. syphoned into bottles
7. chilled

It tasted delicious. Came out nice and clear with just a little bit of a tan tent like a lot of the cream sodas you buy. I let my ferment longer than the 48hrs I read cause I wanted to dry it just a little and have a bit of alcohol (guessing about 1%)

Thinking about trying a 5gallon batch but I think I may just force carb because I want to make sure it isn't hazy and there will be kids. Any input is much appreciated.


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Originally Posted by Crazy8 View Post
So what exactly are essential oils and do you think fresh oranges would give the desired flavor? I may have yet another experiment here...lol
Essential oils are either steam distilled or expressed from plant parts. Steam distilled essential oils typically have a shelf life of several decades. However, essential oils that are cold pressed from citrus peels become rancid within 1 year after the bottle is opened, unless an antioxidant, such as BHT, is added. The vast majority of the orange essential oils offered for sale are cold pressed without added antioxidants. However, steam distilled orange oils, also called "orange oil terpenes", see http://www.thegoodscentscompany.com/data/es1029631.html , are also available. Orange oil terpenes is less bitter than either cold pressed orange peel oil or orange zest and therefore more suitable for making imitation orange juice because orange juice is not bitter. The main flavor chemical (terpene) in orange oil is D-Limonene which you can buy at http://shop.perfumersapprentice.com/...imonene-d.aspx , 4 ml for $2.
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Of course folks have to ask what is "essential oils", because it is one of the stupidest warping of the rules of english ever. It should be something like "essence oils", but the convention is set and we have to live with it.


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