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Tim Rhoads 08-15-2008 04:44 PM

When to harvest Cascade in Zone 7?
Does anyone out there know the approximate date of harvest for hops (cascade specifically) in central Virginia? That is zone 7 by the way. I have grown hops before in the deep south, and these are showing the telltale signs of maturity, but wanted to confirm with someone local. Thanks

karbinator 08-16-2008 04:45 AM

End of the month bro. I'm in Va. as well, and really....if it
doesn't pop off when you flick it with a finger, then wait.
They may be near ready, but the only exception over what
I mentioned above (for myself that is) is a hurricane coming
this way................... Then they're all coming down for harvest.

Schlenkerla 08-16-2008 04:54 AM

There is a lot of latitude on when to pick em. When them smell good and you can see lupilin inside... pick them. You want to pick them as they seem to get more dry though.

The real tell-tale sign is the emergence of brown spots on the cones. You want to start picking them before they start spotting. Be advised there can be more than one picking per season

See the link underneath my sig.


Willie3 08-16-2008 04:57 PM

When they turn light green and become papery and the lupilin starts falling all over your fingers they are ready to be picked. If they still feel cool to the touch then they are still growing so let them be or if you are getting antsy, then just pick them as they are done but not peak. They will still dry nicely and can be used but will have less AA%.

- WW

lelmore 08-30-2013 06:05 PM

Labor Day
I usually pick mine on Labor Day weekend. Mostly because I can count on having extra time. Some years earlier, some a bit later but that's a good target date.

I'm in southwest VA, zone 7b, and my crop is Cascades.

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