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fuzzybee 05-09-2010 03:01 AM

Started the hops structure today.
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I decided in the winter to try to grow some hops and my father-in-law's this year. He has a 3+acre garden behind his house. Since he has Alzheimers, my wife and I are up about every other week anyway, so I knew I'd be able to keep a decent eye on the plants.

I put my rhizomes in the ground three weeks ago or so. I have 4 Centennials, 2 Cascades, 2 Goldings, and 4 Nuggets. A couple of the Nuggets are growing like crazy already, so my wife's cousin and I started putting up our structure today. We used 26' utility poles for the uprights - they're buried 4' deep. We have 1/4" cable strung between them. We've attached a pulley to the cable for each pair of vines. We have some baling twine that we've cut to 50' lengths. This is what the vines will climb - 25' per side.

We'll string up the twine tomorrow, and start training the Nuggets. Here's a picture of the structure so far:

fuzzybee 05-10-2010 02:45 AM

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Here's the boom we used:

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