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subwyking 09-13-2012 06:04 AM

Remote Hop Growing
So, for years I've wanted to grow hops. Due to deployments/work/life I have put it off year after year. This past year the wife and I moved into a home that is perfectly set up for hop growing, without a big trellis system (that the wife feared.) Our deck's top rail sits about 15~ feet off the ground and faces the north. That north side gets sunlight all day long during the summer months. My plan is to use 3-4 big half wine barrels and grow the hops from there, up a guide wire to the top rail. Easy to set up, blends nicely with the backyard, and easy to tear down if need be. No angry neighbors.

Now to the real problem. I found out after we moved into this lovely home that I, again, will be deployed from Jan-July in dear old Afghaniland. What I would like to do, is set everything up that I possibly could before I depart, and leave it to my wife to only plant the rhizomes, trim, and water. What I'm looking for from you, homebrew family, is help writing an easy to follow tender love and care checklist to leave with my brown thumb wife that will allow her to keep the plants alive long enough for me to return and take over. Thoughts?

garbageman 09-13-2012 10:49 AM

Places like Great Hops offer fall hop crowns. They are trimmed down plants with established roots. I used them this spring and was amazed at my first year yield. I planted several types to see what grew well here in SC. Now I'm going to order and plant more chinook, cascade and Perle as they grew the best. Hoping to get them next week so they have a few months to establish more roots.

Thank you for your service! God speed!

subwyking 09-14-2012 08:54 PM

Planting a fall rhizome, would that be a bad idea in Nebraska where the temp starts to drop rapidly about Novemberish?

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