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LexusChris 08-18-2010 07:43 AM

My hops?
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I clipped the following 3 cones form my plants this past weekend. The first is a brown dried up cone. The 2nd is very green, but when I pinch it, it only slowly returns to some shape... The 3rd is lighter green, and when pinched crunches like crepe paper and pops back to full size.

I take it the 3rd one is the type I am looking for for harvest, yeah?

Also, I see some new burrs strarting even this late in the season. I've heard some growers can harvest multiple times in a season.. However, I assume the big guys just cut down the entire bine and harvest once. When I harvest my papery dry cones, should I only snip those, or should I cut all the cones at that time?

Thanks all, this has been a fun growing season! Thanks for sharing!

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