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darkdog50 04-08-2009 08:39 PM

How much water for new rhyzomes?
Planted my first rhyzomes last week-end, and have a couple of shoots already. I would appreciate info from old-hand hop gardeners on the proper amount of water to apply, per day, for well drained soil. Sub-soil is mixed silt, clay and river-rock, but plantings are on a terrace ( 35 degree slope ), so the excess water is free to run out of the "planting soil" ( mixed top-soil leaf-mulch and mash scrapings ). I am on a drip irrigation system, so I can pretty much calibrate the total amount of water I apply to each hill, and the time(s) of day that I apply it. So far I am only putting in two gallons for each hill, once a day ( morning). By day's end the hills still look moist, but not soggy. The average day-time temps here in So Cal are in the mid 70's, and nights are in the 50's. Expert advice is appreciated.

Laughing_Gnome_Invisible 04-08-2009 08:43 PM

Bloody hell! You are ALL set up!

Er, I mean, wait a minute, there will be an expert along shortly, I'm sure. ;)

JarrodH 04-08-2009 10:23 PM

Wow that does sound like a nice setup. I think that a couple gallons a day is a nice place to start for SoCal. You may want more when it gets hotter, but as long as the ground doesn't dry out you should be fine. I dont have mine setup to drip irrigation yet, but I am guessing I water about 1-2 gallons a day on each of my hops. (I am in San Diego)

Zulu 04-14-2009 04:04 AM

Sounds like more than enough for new plants. But you can over water too early in growth cycle, making the plants put roots down deep is also important so let a few days go between watering.

What is the soil consistency ??? If sandy you will need to water more often. Have you mulched the area too ?? If you dig down about 2inches near the plants and it is dry then not enough.

Hops will tell you if you are under watering in a sandy soil , they will wilt in the heat of the summer day. They will also not grow as fast.

As plants they are gross feeders , so water and regular fertilizer are both important, as well as mulching around the complete root area, they will spread as far as 18" -2ft from the center by end of first year

desertbronze 04-14-2009 05:27 PM

Good advice above. I water twice a week now in SW Idaho. In summer most plants get a deep watering once a week - if wilting leaves are seen, an additional watering in between by hand.

HALIFAXHOPS 06-09-2011 02:14 PM

I give mine about 1 gal every other day when it is "normal" weather. I have alot of hills so I use drip Irrigation with 1 GPH emmitters. Works great for me. In s cal it is usally dry you might want to bump it to every day in the morning or eavening. Look at my gallery if you want to see the drip system. It is pretty cheap to set up and if you want you can get a timer to go on the spiggot to set it up. They run anywhere fron 10 and up. Hope that helps.

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