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FrothDog 11-02-2012 08:52 AM

hop head in Melbourne Australia
Hey people, about to start growing hops down under. I'm getting my fences rebuilt and want to incorporate a structure for growing hops. Any tips? I'm a complete novice but avid veggie gardener and ag brewer. For example, how far apart do the rhizomes need to be spaced? How many plants do I need for a home operation of 5 gallons a fortnight? I'm a hop head and am obsessed with American ale hops. Unfortunately I'll have to grow Aussie stuff like galaxy or pride of ringwood, not my favourites like cascade our centennial or simcoe as apparently it does not grow will here. Does anyone grow hops along a fence trellis?
Thanks, and I am indebted to American micro brewing for pioneering my favourite beers.

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