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cram 01-18-2013 12:25 AM

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They will take over eventually--their roots are pretty aggressive (their scientific name translates to "wolf among shrubs" I believe). But that sounds like the perfect spot with southwest exposure for hops. You might want to keep them contained in large pots/planters and let your wife have her garden space. The hops are pretty and fascinating to watch grow, so you may be able to convince her to get them in the ground next season...

Here's a picture of some first-year hops last season that had some other plants growing around them (squash, tomatoes, basil, pumpkins, etc.). I can say that none of the non-hop varieties really did as well as if they were on their own. All of these non-hop plants were compost volunteers and it turned out to be an experiment of sorts. This year, I suspect would be even worse in terms of yield for the non-hop plants since the hops have much more established roots. I guess if I trenched in between crowns and planted there then things would work out okay. But I'm sticking with the point that the hops and veggies will both do better if given their own space, which means you'll likely be better off planting hops in large pots/planters for the first year as you work out the kinks and space limitations.

If you need some rhizomes in the spring, shoot me a PM.

blawjr 02-07-2013 09:58 PM

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Here was my setup last year. I was worried that they would outgrow the barrels quickly, but I had two rhizomes in one of them and dug it out of there this year so they wouldn't crowd each other, they were a bit tangled and fighting for space but one rhizome per barrel could probably easily go a few years before outgrowing it.

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