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Fermentalist 04-23-2012 04:06 AM

Cascade Vs. Willamette question
First time hop grower. I planted in pots knowing i have to find them a permanent home next year. I live in the CA bay area. 1 Cascade rhizome and 1 Willamette per pot. I Planted about 3 weeks ago and both have sprouted and look like they are doing well. Willamette sprouted with 2 thick, hefty bines. (1/8- 1/4 inch)They just started to put out some leaves. Cascade Sprouted 9 itty bitty thin sprouts (1/16 inch). Is this difference in bine size normal between the 2 strains? I guess I just didnt think they could look so different in thickness and number of sprouts per rhizome.

Next question. My Willamette will obviously run both bines up 1 string. Do I run all 9 cascade bines up strings for this first year? (I was thinking 3 per string if so) I ask because Ive heard you let all bines grow and mature in the first year but, 9 seems like a lot out of 1 rhizome and being in a pot. what would you do?

I'll post pics in the next day or two so you can see what im talking about

ThreeDogsNE 04-23-2012 04:29 AM

First year growth is all about growing the roots/crown. Any cones harvested the first year are a bonus. I would let any growth climb any string they get to. I train 3-4 bines up the ropes on my plants, but they are third year plants, and I'm now looking for yield now, not root growth. First years I let grow as much plant as I can get. I am doing just that with some new plants now.

gbx 04-23-2012 05:44 AM

I have 2nd year Willamette and Cascades and they have completely different growth patterns. First year the willamette only put out 1 giant thick bine that was almost an inch in diameter at the base. This year it put out 5 thick purple shoots that supported themselves in a hail storm when they were almost 2 feet tall before I had put the trellis up. The first year cascade put out 5 little spindly shoots but by the end of the year were all massive with crazy laterals and I got more than a pound of wet cones. This year it put out more than a dozen little shoots that got flattened out by a light rain. Today the willamette was more than 6ft tall and the cascade is maybe 3 ft.

Fermentalist 04-24-2012 12:59 AM

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Thanks. Sounds like they are right on track. gbx's description was spot on. Here are the pics.

Right pic = Cascade
Left pic = Willamette

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