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cvwbecker 08-14-2012 05:15 AM

Beetle ID and Mitigation
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Hi Guys,

Growing some backyard Magnums here in Colorado. Observed a large number of wasps taking an interest in my one hops plant this weekend. On closer examination, I found 4 brown beetles (seen in the pic) feeding on the stem of the vine (no leaf damage). There was sap running down the vine for a foot or so, and the wasps were enjoying the gooey mess.

I removed the beetles yesterday but today found 4 more in the same location. My questions

A) What are they? They don't seem to be Japanese beetles as they are matte (not glossy) brown with a brown speckle/stripe pattern, not metallic copper and green.

B) How can I get rid of them in an organic manner that will not expose my hops to pesticide?

Thanks in advance

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