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Fermentalist 01-10-2012 11:03 PM

Show us your mash paddles!!!
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Homemade or bought, clean or sticky, we wanna see em!

woodstone 01-10-2012 11:13 PM

Lookin' good...let's get a pic of that entire bad-boy!

Fermentalist 01-11-2012 04:49 AM

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Thats really all there is. I just cut a standard straight handle.

acefaser 01-11-2012 06:06 AM

There are threads on this with lots of pictures in the DIY section

aubiecat 04-07-2012 07:43 PM

Beer bottle mash paddle 1.0, birch. There was was actually a criss cross in the middle of the bottle but the router bit shattered that. It works though. :mug:

Special Hops 04-07-2012 08:14 PM

I just use an extra large whisk from the kitchen. Works like a champ.

JackAssBrewer 02-04-2014 09:27 PM

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Well, comparing... mine's not as intricate, but I made it while brewing yesterday. I still need to sand down the holes. I am still contemplating whether or not to mineral oil it or not. That always seems to start something on here... Made out of red oak scrap

brew2enjoy 02-11-2014 12:20 AM

Mine is sorta homemade, designed it in proE at work and had it cut on our laser. Works great and cleans up very easily.


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MaxStout 05-20-2014 08:28 PM

I recently moved up to a keggle, so I needed a longer paddle to get leverage. I made this from a scrap of 4/4 maple. It's 40" long and 3-1/2" wide. I drilled 1-3/8" dia. holes with a forstner bit and rounded over all edges and holes with a 1/4" roundover bit in a router table.


AnOldUR 05-20-2014 08:33 PM

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Came from a yard sale. They said it was a butter paddle. Someday I'll put holes in it.

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