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capn 03-09-2009 11:03 PM

Holy krausen!!!
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When I got home I saw this. I quickly cleaned it up before SWMBO saw it. Unfortunately she just looked over my sholder and asked "whats that?" Busted. Oh well I thought it was artsy and stuff...

Ben25 03-09-2009 11:09 PM

HAHA DAMN that's a lot of krausen!!

wildwest450 03-09-2009 11:46 PM

Next time, put your blow off tube in a shot glass.:D

Donthoseme 03-14-2009 12:18 AM

I had a Krausen on a big barleywine that filled up a half gallon jug. That was.....until the hose clogged. I lifted the stopper and closed my eyes. There was a BOOM and when i looked it had sprayed hop and yeast all around the room. Luckily it was a spare room with harwood floors, even more lucky was that i was standing in front of my wifes wedding dress (it was in the cover thing) so it got all over my chest instead of her dress. That would have been the end of a good hobby had i been standing just a little to the right!

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