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TwoHeadsBrewing 04-27-2008 05:06 PM

First AG Brew Day - Bee Cave Haus Pale Ale
So, yesterday I did my fist all grain brew...and to my surprise everything went fairly well. I have to again thank all the experienced members who have contributed to this site; I've learned a great deal and knew what to expect through this whole process. Anyways on to the pictures!

Link to entire album: HERE

Getting brew water... 3.5g initially for strike water. 4.2g later for sparging:

The 5g Igloo MLT with SS braid filter:


Grain Bill: 9# 2-row Pale, 2# Vienna, 1# Crystal 40L

TwoHeadsBrewing 04-27-2008 05:12 PM

Initial mash temp was 158F, so I added 1/2qt of 68F water, bringing it down to 153F:

Assistant brewer and first runnings:

Second batch sparge in progress:

Draining wort into brew kettle:

TwoHeadsBrewing 04-27-2008 05:17 PM

Boil under way, 1oz. Willamettes in the boil:

Time to test out last months brew (extract pale ale):

A little reading while I supervise the boil:

All done and ready to ferment:

blacklab 04-27-2008 05:38 PM

I like the DYI water filter system!

Looks like things went perfect. I love the HPA, busted my AG cherry on it as well.

TwoHeadsBrewing 04-27-2008 06:14 PM

Yeah, that water filter works great...and no buying water from the store :). I felt everything went well, but I'd like to boost my efficiency somehow. If I want to do bigger beers, I'll need to figure that out or buy a bigger cooler!

McSwiggin' 04-27-2008 11:43 PM

Great job, nice pics, Congrats on your first AG. :mug: PROST!

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