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cherokee180c 01-30-2012 10:32 AM

iBrewmaster Mash Settins Help
I am having a little problem figuring out exactly the right Mash settings for Northern Brewers new Dry Dock Vanilla Porter all grain kit, which isn't in the program yet. This is my first all grain kit. I want to do a single step infusion Sachs' Rest Mash at the recommended 156degF for 60 minutes. I then want to Batch Sparge to 170 degrees as a combination Sparge/Mash out. I want the program to tell me Strike water temp and volume, for both steps. I know to use auto calc, and I set up the all grain 1 profile for my system. Not sure I am getting the right answers, especially for the 2nd sparing step. My Buddy uses Beer Smith and you just choose the entire profile that matches. Can anyone let me know the right answer and how to select? I really love this program on my iPad, but the I need a bit more explaining on the Mash settings section. I did read the instructions several times, but I don't have enough experience to figure it out.

lemmiwinks 01-30-2012 12:26 PM

I usually pick either Light/Medium/Full Body Infusion based on the time I'm looking to mash. So, if I'm doing a 75 minute mash, I'll pick the one that has 75 minutes as the default and then manually change the temp. When you add it as a step it'll then have the water volume and strike temp listed underneath the step.
For the sparge, I just pick sparge and it gives you the amount you need. I usually shoot for sparge water temp of 185-190 everytime so I don't really need the system to give me the temp on that. I think it's defaulted at 170 over 60 minutes (fly sparging) and I've yet to figure out a way to switch it to batch sparge.

cherokee180c 02-25-2012 12:40 AM

Thanks. I have sort of figured this out, but you still have to play with it a lot to get it to work right so the total recommended strike and Sparge water volumes = your Pre- boil volume + your mash tun loss. I hope they fix this a bit in one of the new releases.

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