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mgr_stl 01-17-2013 03:20 AM

Hopville IBU Calculation Question
I could use a set of brewing eyes to look at my recipe on Hopville.


This is a Brewer's Best kit (PSA IPA - only my second brew). I'm trying to figure out why Hopville is saying it'll end up at 96.7 IBUs but the recipe/instructions that came with it say 55-60 IBUs. I think I entered everything matching the kit instructions/contents.

This difference in IBUs couldn't possibly be because I was planning on doing a full boil (or nearly full boil) as opposed to boiling 2.5 gallons and adding 2.5 gallons post boil?

Is there something in the way I entered the ingredients that could cause it to be way off?

Any help, suggestions, or ideas would be appreciated!

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