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PsyDanny 02-01-2013 01:05 PM

Help needed for 1 gal All Grain (BBS style) Beersmith2 equipment preferences
I am in the middle of my 2nd every brew - a 1-gallon Everyday IPA (all grain, from Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Book). Big time fun. So I think I will head out to my lhbs tomorrow to pick up another carboy and a few other items so I can get started on a 3rd batch of something.

Anyhow - I am eager to learn, and would like to start making use of software tools. I have a trial copy of Beersmith2. However, being a tenderfoot, I am clueless as to how I should set up my equipment preferences. I don't even know what half of the parameters mean.

So I was hoping if I laid out what I have been using, someone could guide me through the relevant settings.

I do my all-grain mash in a pot originally used for spaghetti (such as would have an insertable/removable strainer - which I am not using for the mash). Stainless steel, I think (at least it is not aluminum). I figured the volume to be about 1.75 gallons with liquid filled to the ridge where the top of the strainer would fit.

I then pour the mash into a large strainer that fits into a larger stainless steel pot, that can hold 3 gallons. That is also the pot that I use for the wort boil.

The wort is then ran through a large plastic funnel into a gallon glass carboy.

So - how does that likely to translate into equipment preference settings?

I asked for help in the "1-gallon Unite" thread and got some ideas of measuring boil off and mash tun dead space. And I will keep that in mind as I move onto my next project (hopefully yet this weekend). But in the meantime I was hoping someone would have some suggestions based on experience with similar equipment.

Dang this is fun :mug:

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